Halkidiki Events

Halkidiki Events
Halkidiki is a very large and well developed region of many traditions and festivities, so numerous cultural events and music festivals take place throughout its villages and towns. Some of the major events of the region include the following:
  • The 10-day cultural event of Arnaia begining on July 17th with folklore dances, food and wine.
  • The exhibition at the Byzantine tower of Palaiologos in Nea Fokea with art exhibits, theater and concerts from July to September.
  • The swimming passage of the Thoronaios gulf which is a swimming competition taking place at Nikiti during the last week of July.
  • The 3-day Kalithea festival with folklore, cultural and sports events from July 27th to July 30th.
  • Afytos of Athitos celebration from July to August where visitors can enjoy some abstract street art, traditional dances and classical or modern music performances.
  • The Cultural August with traditional singing and dancing during the month of August at Poligyros.
  • The Fair of St. Ilias at Vavdos which is a dane festival with food and wine taking place at an altitude of 1050 m from July 19th to July 20th.
  • The Trade Fair which is a fair of cultural events with local delicacies from September 1st to September 5th taking place at Ag. Mamas.
  • The Sea Festival, an extraordinary theatrical performance with unobstructed views to the emerald Aegean and the Holy Mountain of Athos from July to August at Moudania.

Other than the above mentioned festivals there are many other religious and cultural celebrations and regional festivities taking place in Halkidiki all year round including the Olive Festival, the Sardine Festival, the Mushroom Feast, the Mussel Feast and the Cherry Fair as well as the so called “Panigyria” which are the celebration of local saints usually accompanied my music, traditional dances, local food and wine.

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