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Rhodes Travel Guide
Rhodes History

Rhodes boasts a magnificent and exciting history. Venetians, Turks, Greeks and the Knights of Saint John were only few of the island’s occupants, each leaving their own mark. As a crossroads of nations and civilizations it would only be natural that Rhodes illustrates a mosaic of colors, styles, architecture and aromas.

Ancient Years

Kares were supposedly the first residents of the island, coming from Minor Asia. The Phoenicians and the Minoites from the neighboring Crete were the next who resided on the island, settled in the area of Ialyssos in 1500 B.C. and largely contributed to the economic prosperity of Rhodes.
Around 1100 B.C., Dorians took over the island and founded three big cities: Lindos, Kamiros and Ialyssos.
During the Macedonian sovereignty, the Rodians allied with the Macedonians, but after the death of Alexander the Great, they allied with the Ptolemies of Egypt. On 305 B.C., the Rhodians had to fight off Dimitrios Poliorkitis and in order to remember their big victory created the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the 7 wonders of the world.  
The construction of this great statue, dedicated to Sun, lasted about 12 years, between 305 and 293 B.C. and its sculptor was Lindian Haris. According to the most reliable scientific research, the statue depicted God Sun, was made of copper and its weight was about 225 tons. Its special characteristics are not completely accurate and scientists are still trying to determine its figure deducting information by the coins of this era. It is believed, however, that he wore a wreath on his head and he was holding a torch, a sword or an arc. The statue stayed in place for only 66 years. Due to a strong earthquake in 227 B.C., this grand statue fell. The Rhodians, believing that this was a curse, did not even try to restore it. On 653 B.C. the Arabs ravaged the island and the Corsairs, with Moavia as their leader, collected the Colossus and transferred it to Syria. According to tradition, it required 900 camels to carry the pieces of this gigantic statue.

Roman Empire

Rome was a predominant power throughout the Mediterranean region since the end of the 3rd century B.C. The Rhodians, during the end of the Second Macedonian War, allied with the Romans and on 164 B.C. the Romans made Rhodians sign a new treaty, according to which they would have common friends and common enemies. Casius, wanting to avenge Caesar, totally ravaged the island. 

Byzantine Era

Rhodes was one of the first islands that converted to Christianity. On 57 A.C., Apostle Paul stayed in Rhodes, and more specifically in Lindos, and taught the island’s inhabitants this new religion. On 395 A.C. Rhodes became a Province of the Byzantine Empire and the city of Rhodes became the island’s capital.

On 620 A.C. Rhodes goes under the Persian sovereignty and it was then when the island was invaded by the Saracens and the Seljuks, who actually destroyed a big part of it. On 1204 A.C., after Istanbul’s fall, Rhodes together with many other islands was granted to the Venetians. Finally, on 1261 the island’s governance returned to the Genovese Admirals. 

Venetian Sovereignty

On 1306 the islands of Rhodes, Kos and Leros were sold to the Knights of Saint John. A new era started then for Rhodes, since it became the new grand military, economic and commercial power of the region. The Knights, who came from many different catholic countries, managed to conclude to agreements with the Great Powers of the Western Europe, aiming to weaken the Muslims that started to expand in the region.
During the Venetian sovereignty, Rhodes became a powerful commercial hub and a considerable military power. It was then that the Medieval City was built, as well as the cities’ fortifications, monasteries and many churches. Arts and literature started to blossom and the inhabitants, influenced by the Venetians, adopted a lifestyle and a rich mentality that still distinguishes them.  

Ottoman Empire

On 1522, after a 6 month siege, Rhodes fell under the Ottoman rule and the sovereignty of Suleiman Sultan. For about 4 centuries the Ottomans ruled the island. The Rhodians didn’t participate in the 1821 Greek Revolution and, like the rest of the Dodecanese Islands, was not included in the newly established Greek State, but remained under Ottoman occupation. 

Recent Years

In 1912, Rhodes was under Italian occupation and remained in this status until 1945. On March 1948 and according to the Paris Treaty, Rhodes and the rest of the Dodecanese Islands were finally included in the Greek State. 

The original Myth

Rhodes is the Sun’s nymph. When Gods split the earth, Rhodes wasn’t even on the map. It was underwater. Sun, however, saw this beautiful island rising from the water and immediately asked Zeus to assign it to him. This is when this lovely island fully appeared and got the name of Rhodes.
Rhodes and Sun had 7 sons, the Eliades: Ohimos, Kerkafos, Makar, Aktion, Tenagis, Tripas and Kandalos, as well as one daughter Ilektrioni. Kerkafos had 3 sons: Kamiros, Ialyssos and Lindos, who divided the island into three parts. Each got one and gave it his name.

Telhines – The first residents of Rhodes

The first residents of Rhodes according to mythology were supposedly the Telhines, who were a weird looking tribe, resembling to daemons. Their name comes from the word “thelgo”, which means something like a “charmer”. They created clouds, rain, hail, they could change shape and they were amazing artists. This was the first tribe believed to have ever created the statues of the Gods on Rhodes, like “Apollo Telhinion” in Lindos, the statues of Era and the Nymphs in Ialyssos, as well as the statue of Era Telhinia in Kamiros.

Other Myth

When Poseidon became a man, he fell in love with his sister Alia, married her and had 6 sons and a daughter with her. The daughter’s name was Rodos (Rhodes). This is exactly where the island got its name from.

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A charming 3 star beach hotel in New Rhodes Town

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A heaven of lush vegetation with a long standing history

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Unsurpassed luxury…

Medieval Town

The Medieval Town of Rhodes is a living monument, built by the Knights of St. John about 6 centuries ago. The imposing castle with the Gran Magister’s Palace, boasting some amazing mosaics, the museum, where the hospital of the Knights used to be, the mosques, the wide pedestrian streets, the fountains and the innumerable shops and taverns within the massive walls should definitely be visited.

During August, the main streets of the Medieval Town are bursting with people. The municipality paid special attention to the lighting of the castle, which during the night looks like a fairytale scenery!

New Rhodes Town

The New Town of Rhodes shapes a triangle on the northern part of the island and offers everything a contemporary big city can offer. In the market you shall find expensive boutiques, numerous clothes, shoes, home appliances and umbrella stores, restaurants, bars and clubs. The port of Mandraki, just across the great Castle’s main gate, used to be the naval hub of the district during ancestry.

The mosques, the Muslim cemetery, the Italian neoclassical buildings, the fortress of Agios Nikolaos and the medieval towers will always remind us that Rhodes was indeed in the crossroad of many civilizations, each one leaving on the island its own mark. Don’t forget to visit the lovely garden Rodini, Monte Smith, where the Temple of Apollo is, the Aquarium and the new Casino.


Faliraki is worldwide known as a nightlife hotspot, since it features a busy and vibrant centre full of cafes, bars and clubs. In Faliraki, visitors will find many open air malls with jewelry stores, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, bars and famous clubs, where popular DJs from all over the world play during special theme nights.

The 5 kilometers cosmopolitan beach of Faliraki, with the countless colorful umbrellas and the beach bars, is probably the most photographed one of the island, together with Elli beach right in front of the Aquarium. This is the reason why Faliraki attracts a great number of people each year and is among the most popular and busy areas on the island.


Kallithea is about 11 kilometers from the city of Rhodes and it’s famous for its well preserved Hot Springs and the palm tree forest that surrounds the lovely Italian buildings. Kallithea is full of well preserved Arabian and Venetian monuments, recently restored by the municipality.

The small cove in front of the hot springs looks so exotic and inviting for a cool dip in the emerald Mediterranean waters. A journey through time in supreme natural beauty, imposing buildings of Italian architecture and a lovely sandy beach, Kallithea is a place not to be missed.


The picturesque village of Lindos is located about 55 kilometers from the city of Rhodes and it’s one of the most popular destinations within the island. The maze of the narrow little streets, the white houses nestled underneath the Ancient Acropolis, the Medieval walls, the scintillating view of the sparkling Mediterranean waters and of course the remnants of the Temple of Lindian Athena constitute a major attraction.

Slowly ascend the Acropolis, as early in the morning as possible in order to avoid the hot sun and then slowly descent towards the village and enjoy your walk among the narrow alleys with little shops and have lunch in one of the numerous traditional taverns with the amazing panoramic sea view.


On the northernmost part of the island and built on a long sandy beach, the Aquarium of Rhodes boasts rare marine species and an exceptional Italian architectural design. Its structure begun on 1934 and was completed one year later. About 200.000 visitors every year have the chance to see up close mollusks, sea turtles, sharks, crabs, corals, oysters and rare fossils. The decoration, the soft lighting and the stone walls create a beautiful ambiance.

Petaloudes (Valley of Butterflies)

The valley of the butterflies is located about 20 kilometers from the city of Rhodes and it’s a rare example of the island’s natural beauty. The valley is a unique natural park where thousands of colorful butterflies appear between June and September. The park has pines, plains, streams, little ponds, bridges and narrow trails forming a small paradise. A café, a restaurant and a small museum can also be found within the park. 


This is definitely the best beach on the island with an extremely impressive length, golden sand, emerald waters and surrounded by an amazing pine forest, whose trees almost reaching the sea. It is about 26 kilometers away from the New Town of Rhodes, on the eastern part of the island. The beach is organized, with sun beds, umbrellas, showers and many beach bars that remain open throughout the day. Visitors will find many taverns nearby, which are open for lunch and early dinner.

Ancient Kameiros

Ancient Kameiros is a place of great archeological history and features many archeological findings: temples, the ancient agora and the acropolis. Ancient Kameiros is located at approximately 30km west of Rhodes Town and is dated back to the 3rd century BC.

Kameiros was once united with two equally important cities of the island, Ialysos and Lindos, on the 5th century BC in order to form the big city-state of Rhodes. This city was named the Pompeii of Greece, because no one really knows why it was totally abandoned, living behind only remnants of the Ancient Agora, a Doric temple and few still-standing arches.    


The hill of Filerimos can be reached from the village of Trianta and after crossing a lovely pine forest. The area got its name during the 13th century from a monk that came from Jerusalem and brought a miraculous icon of Virgin Mary with him. On the top of the evergreen hill he built a small chapel dedicated to Virgin Mary. Later on, the Knights of Saint John constructed a big monastery.

The Acropolis of Ancient Ialyssos is on the hill of Filerimos, as well. Visit the church of Virgin Mary and admire the amazing natural beauty and serenity of this place.


Prasonisi actually composes the southernmost part of Rhodes. It’s actually a small peninsula during summer and an islet during winter. During summer, the sea unveils two beaches, creating truly exotic scenery. Due to the strong winds that blow there, Prasonisi is also considered to be the surfers’ Paradise.

On the east cove the waters are calm and ideal for beginners, while on the west part the waves can be as high as 2 meters, creating the perfect scene for professional surfers. There is a training center here as well, where athletes can rent equipment.

Symi & Halki Islands

When visiting Rhodes Island, you should not miss Symi & Halki, the two nearby islands. Symi and Halki are two picturesque islets, just a breath away from Rhodes. There are daily boat tours, departing from the main port, inviting visitors to visit these small nearby treasures.

Eat & Drink
TYPE: Bar,   STYLE: Latin
Location: Old Town

TYPE: Club,   STYLE: Techno
Location: Kalithea

TYPE: Club,   STYLE: Mainstream
Location: Lindos

TYPE: Club,   STYLE: Mainstream
Location: Old Town

TYPE: Café & Bar,   STYLE: Mainstream
Location: Ialyssos

TYPE: Bar,   STYLE: Wine Bar
Location: Old Town

TYPE: Bar,   STYLE: Rock Music
Location: New Town

TYPE: Hotel Restaurant,   STYLE: French Cuisine
Location: Ixia

TYPE: Restaurant,   STYLE: Contemporary Mediterranean Cuisine
Location: Ialyssos

TYPE: Restaurant,   STYLE: Traditional Greek Cuisine
Location: Lindos

TYPE: Restaurant,   STYLE: Contemporary Mediterranean Cuisine
Location: Old Town

TYPE: Restaurant,   STYLE: Contemporary Mediterranean Cuisine
Location: Old Town

TYPE: Restaurant,   STYLE: Italian cuisine
Location: Old Town

TYPE: Taverna,   STYLE: Traditional Greek Cuisine
Location: New Town

Practical info
General Info

Rhodes is located on the southeast part of Greece. The island’s climate is mild throughout the year, with a lot of rain during the winter, something that explains its profuse vegetation. In reality the island has only two seasons: spring and summer.

May marks the beginning of the summer, which is usually very hot and kinda humid. On average, Rhodes enjoys approximately 300 days of sunshine a year. The renowned Aegean winds, the so-called “meltemia”, do not exactly affect the island, as they mainly blow in the center of the archipelagos.

The area Code for Rhodes is +30 22410, which is followed by a 5 digit number (e.g. 22410 55555). If you wish to call abroad, you have to start by dialing the other country’s national prefix (i.e. Germany is 0049, England is 0044, etc.) and continue with the area code and the number you wish to call.

Euro €
Euro Coins: 1 and 2 euro coins (gold and silver color) 10, 20 and 50 cents (gold color) 1, 2 and 5 cents (copper color) 1 euro = 100 cents/centimes
Euro Bank Notes: come in 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500. It is not always easy to receive change from 200 and 500 euro notes.

Getting there

There are multiple flights between the International Airport of Athens and the International Airport “Diagoras” of Rhodes, especially during the summer months. There are also charter flights between many countries and Rhodes, between the months of May and October. For more information contact:
Athens International Airport: +30 210 3530000
Rhodes International Airport: +30 22410 82400

Rhodes is daily connected with Piraeus, by conventional and high speed boats. However, during the summer months Rhodes is also connected with the rest of the Dodecanese islands, as well as with Crete and Cyclades. A trip with a conventional boat takes about 15-17 hours, depending on the layovers. The trip with a high-speed boat takes about 11-13 hours, again depending on the layovers to other islands.

Piraeus Port Authorities: +30 210 4226000
Rhodes Port Authorities: +30 22410 22220

Local Transportation

The island of Rhodes has an excellent local transportation, with buses that reach all the major cities and villages. Especially during the summer months the itineraries are doubled. There are also buses that facilitate transportation within the city of Rhodes.
City buses: +30 22410 27706
Interisland buses: +30 22410 26300

The main taxi stand in the city of Rhodes is near the Castle’s main entrance. You can also hail a cab, if you are on the street. Usually they will stop and serve you.  

There are numerous car and motorcycle rental agencies, all over the island. You don’t even have to book ahead. You can check them out while you are on the island. Also, all major hotels have special stands of usually major car rental agencies, like Avis or Hertz.
You need to be 21 years old to rent a car and you definitely need a valid driving license. Insurance is optional. Make sure you check the condition of the car beforehand. If you sign for its mint condition, this is how you should return it, otherwise you will be charged with damages. Also, you need to return the car with the amount of gas it had when it was delivered to you.
The mountainous and the coastal road network of Rhodes is excellent. However you should never violate the speed limits and be extra careful in the rural areas, cause the roads there are often crossed by animals and tractors. Remember that parking is difficult in the city of Rhodes, during the summer months. Always park in the designated areas, otherwise you will be fined.
Same rules apply in case you are interested in renting a motorcycle or a scooter. Only in this case you need to be extra careful and always wear a helmet.

Local services

Rhodes is a truly large city. In almost every block, visitors will find all major banks and, of course, ATMs. The banks are open Monday to Thursday from 8am until 2pm and on Friday from 8am until 1.30pm. ATMs work throughout the day and can be found even in places where there is no bank branch.

Banks exchange all major currencies, traveler’s cheques or Eurocheques; the commission is always lower for cash. Post offices exchange cash, but not traveler’s cheques, and usually charge lower commissions than banks. Travel agencies and larger hotels exchange cash and traveler’s cheques but usually charge a higher commission. Banknote exchange machines can be found in most tourist areas.

The Greek post is called ELTA. Post Boxes in Greece are YELLOW and usually divided into international and domestic. RED Post Boxes are rarer and they are used for URGENT mail. REGISTERED mail is handled by an employee and the customer should always be given a receipt.

In case an unfortunate incident happens to you or someone else while on the island, do not hesitate to file a report to the local police station. Additionally, if you have any problem with your accommodation you can also report it to the tourist police.

Useful Numbers

•    Municipality of Rhodes 22410 46200
•    Town Hall 22410 35945
•    Citizens Service 2241 0 27358
•    Rhodes town Police 2241 0 27423-23329
•    Afantou Police 2241 0 51111
•    Port Police 2241 0 27634
•    Port authorities of Lindos 2241 0 31201
•    Port authorities of Mandraki 2241 0 23693
•    Post Office 2241 0 24873
•    Fire Department 2241 0 23333-4
•    Tourism Information 2241 0 23655-23255
•    Greek Tourism Organization 2241 0 21921
•    Olympic Airlines 2241 0 24571
•    Airport 2241 0 88700-82302
•    Bus station east coast 2241 0 27706
•    Bus station west coast 2241 0 26300
•    Radio taxi 2241 0 64712
•    Rhodes town taxi stand 2241 0 64756
•    Faliraki taxi stand 2241 0 85444
•    Rhodes General Hospital 2241 0 80000
•    Rhodes town First Aid Station 2241 0 25555
•    Faliraki First Aid Station 2241 0 85555
•    Kallithies Medical Center 2241 0 85209
•    Koskinou Medical Center 2241 0 67111
•    Psinthos Medical Center 2241 0 50014
•    Weather Forecast: www.meteo.gr

The famous bay where "the Guns of Navarone" movie was filmed!

Anthony's Quinn beach principal name is Vagies but after being a protagonist on "The Guns of Navarone" film, it was renamed after the great actor. The beach is in reality a small bay with refreshing crystal green waters, with no tourist infrastructure except from some umbrellas and sunbeds. Besides, it is very narrow with sand, pebbles and some rocks at various spots. Faliraki and Afandou beach is very close to Anthony Quinn, so it is ideal for a daily excursion at all nearby beaches.

A natural bay offering a vast sandy coast

Plimiri beach is located on the north east part of Rhodes island and at 85km distance from New Rhodes Town. The beach is a natural unspoilt bay with sand dunes and beautiful vegetation, perfect for those looking for a quiet swim. Plimiri is also a place for nudists at its end.

Beautiful and quiet Blue Flag awarded beach

Lardos beach is located at approximately 65km from New Rhodes Town and is a sandy and pebbled beach. The beach has also been awarded with the European Blue Flag. This is a place to enjoy sun and diving without being crowded while the area offers many options for accommodation. For the young ones, there is also a go kart facility, in order to combine swimming with action activities!

A small heaven right next to picturesque Lachania village

Lachania Beach is located between Rhodes Town and Prasonisi area. The beach is clean and quiet providing many choices for accommodation and dining. The beautiful Lachania village is situated near the beach, offering exceptional views of the valleys and the sea while being itself one of the most picturesque settlements on the island.

An exotic destination for surfing lovers!

Prasonisi is among the most exotic beaches in Greece and it is ideal for surfing fans. During summer, the beach seems to be separated in two long sandy beaches, one with clam waters and one with high waves, perfect for various watersports.Prasonisi beach is not organized and the sun can be quite strong there!

A small bay with sparkling waters

The view from the Ancient Acropolis is just breathtaking. The feeling of the emerald sea in this fine sandy bay is equally mesmerizing! Hike all the way up to the spectacular ancient monument and then dive into the refreshing, cool waters. Afterwards you should choose amongst the numerous tavernas overlooking the bay for a meal of fresh fish and chilled local wine.

A quiet, sandy beach with azure waters

Afandou is a relatively quiet beach, very long and sandy. It is not organized and this is why it is not crowded. However it is ideal for those seeking for some quiet time, away from the bustling crowds, while its waters are crystal clear and awarded with the EU Blue Flag.

The cosmopolitan beach surrounded by the most luxury resprts and hotels

The area of Ixia features some of the biggest and most famous hotels and resorts of the island, like Capsis, the Hilton and of course Rodos Palace. The beach is very long and almost always windy. When entering its waters, be careful of the big pebbles lying on the sea bed but do not stop here. If you move a little deeper, the scenery changes to sand while the waters are refreshingly cool.

A quiet, emerald Mediterranean treasure!

Kalathos is another exotic beach on the island of Rhodes. Being quite far from the capital and the crowds, here you will find  peace and seclusion. This long sandy exotic paradise with emerald waters and only few visitors, is definitely worth the drive!

The beach with the utmost breathtaking view of Aegean Sea on Rhodes Island
Location:New Town

Elli is a fully organized beach, located in the northernmost point of the island, just in front of the Aquarium and the legendary Casino, surrounded by the deep blue canvas of the Aegean Sea. The beach is full of colorful umbrellas, which give the scenery a vivid and fun essence. Elli Beach has, also, been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag.

A naturally protected haven!

This beach is like a well hidden heaven. Everybody goes to Kallithea for the fine Arabian remnants of the hot springs. However, the tiny bay nestles a well protected sandy beach,  very quiet and secluded, especially after 4pm in the evening.

A cosmopolitan party destination!

Faliraki, except for being a nightlife hotspot, also features a  cosmopolitan sandy beach, lying in front of some of the most luxurious resorts of the island. The beach is a sandy paradise with tourist infrastructure: umbrellas and sunbeds, beach bars and water sports schools and is very popular amongst locals and tourists.

Amazing long sandy beach with emerald waters

Tsambika is by far the most beautiful and popular beach on the island with an impressingly long sandy coast and azure waters. The beach is fully organized with umbrellas, sun beds and beach bars, while surrounded by a magnificent pine forest whose trees seem like trying to reach the sea.


Local Specialties & Recipes
Local Recipes

Rhodes is one of the most developed islands in the Mediterranean in terms of tourism. However many villages and settlements within Rhodes Island maintain their traditional rural flair. So, it’s only natural that many local dishes include meat, like goat (cooked in a clay pot), chicken (with pasta) and pork.

Two distinctive local delicacies are cheese grilled in red wine, called Kokkinotyri, and Pitaridia, which are locally made lasagna. Also, there is another type of local pasta, called “koulouria”, which is usually served in weddings, as well as many types of bread, like the wedding’s bread, olive oil bread, sesame bread and “ladopsyhia”, which is based on stale bread.

Sweets & Pastries

Rhodes also offers many local sweets and pastries. The most famous ones are: “melekounia”, which is a sweet like pastel made with sesame and honey and served in weddings and engagements, “psyhopita”, offered in memorials, “ritseli”, a unique desert with dry figs, quince and watermelon peels, “moshopougkia” with almond, sugary buns, sweet pumpkin and the amazing milk cream with sugar.

Local Products
Local Wine & Spirits

Rhodes Island is famous for the production of exceptional wine. Winery has a longstanding tradition on the island, resulting in the delicious local wine, due to the island’s climate, which is ideal for wine production.

More specifically, the location of Emponas, the island’s mountain, is a famous spot where locals cultivate vineyards. The village of Sianna is also famous for its Souma, is a type of alcoholic drink similar to Greek “ouzo”, which is made by distilling the remains of grape, after having used it to produce wine. Of course, Rhodes couldn’t but have its own drink: Cordiadolino is the island’s traditional liqueur and it’s available in many different flavors.  

The Medieval Rose Festival

Organized by the Non Profit Medieval Rose organization, the Medieval Rose Festival takes place every summer and hosts various art exhibitions, medieval plays and happenings, concerts, horseback riding and more events and happenings aiming taking the visitors through a journey in medieval Rhodes. For more information visit www.medievalfestival.gr.

International Films & Visual Arts Festival

This is an annual international festival including screenings, documentaries, environmental discussions, original audiovisual projects from all over the world and relevant cultural events. The films participate in a contest with awards, nominated by an international professionals committee. For more information visit www.ecofilms.gr.

The Sound & Light Show

This unique annual summer show takes place in the municipal gardens, in the outskirts of the Medieval Town of Rhodes. The Sound and Light Show is a theatre play without actors. The leading elements of this strange visual show are light, music, narration and stage architecture.

Combining the imposing architectural setting of the Medieval Castle with special lighting, projected images and sound effects, the show narrates the story of the struggle between the Knights of Saint John and the Rhodians against the Turks, led by Suleiman the Great (1522 AD). The Palace of the Grand Magister, Suleiman’s Tower, the Administrative Buildings of the Knights and the municipal garden are included in this audiovisual show, which lasts for about 50 minutes.

Ampernalli Music Festival

Ampernalli Music Festival takes place every summer in the grove of Agios Soulas and is organized by cultural association Ampernali. The Music Festival comprises of live music concerts by amateur and professional bands, while during daytime various happenings and games take place.  Visitors can bring their own camping tents and camp within the grove for two nights.

Watermelon Fair

This fair takes place in Apolakkia every year, around the end of July. Visitors can enjoy tons of watermelon and various delicacies for free. The feast is dedicated to the village’s local product, watermelon, so everything there goes around it: local sweets and snacks made with watermelon, watermelon games and various happenings with music and dance.

The Farmers & Stock Breeders Fair

Taking place every summer in Monolithos village, the Farmers and Stock Breeders Fair features stands with products from local producers. Local agricultural products and delicacies, accompanied by live music from popular folk musicians, will
Give the real essence of Greek fairs.

Various Religious Feasts

•    During the first 15 days of August, pilgrimage in the church of Virgin Mary Kremasti
•    September 8th: The Festival in the Virgin Mary Tsambika
•    July 30: Monastery of Agios Soulas in Soroni – One of the biggest festivals of the island
•    September 7th & 8th: Virgin Mary Skiadeni in Mesanagros – Procession of the Virgin Mary’s icon all over the villages of the municipality
•    March 25th: The Festival of the Annunciation of Virgin Mary
•    October 20th: The Festival of Agios Gerasimos in Pylona
•    Easter Monday: The Festival of Agios Georgios in Lardos
•    May 21st: The Festival of the Monastery of Tharri Laermon  
•    June 28th: In Saint Paul’s church in the Monastery of Saint Apostles in Lindos
•    July 6th: Agia Kyriaki in Kalathos
•    August 6th: The Festival of Sotiros in Maritsa
•    August 15th: The Dormition of Virgin Mary in Emponas and in Mesanagros

Cycladia Tips
Small tips for a pleasant stay

Weather on Rhodes Island is usually good especially during summer, so be sure to have always with you sunblock, hat and sunglasses in order to protect yourself from the sun, which is really intense during summer months, like at the majority of Greece.

Full Moon at Medieval Town

The Medieval Town of Rhodes is one of the major tourist attractions and not for nothing… As soon as you enter the castle from the main gate and walk in the large pedestrian streets, you will feel as if you had lived in medieval times. You might even think that a Knight will be crossing the main square with his horse! Do not miss to visit this marvel of architecture during full moon…it’s sheer magic!

Mountain Emponas

Rhodes’ beauties, as a Greek island, are not limited to its magnificent beaches. Its mountainous areas are equally breathtaking and majestic to its coastal scenery. Mountain Emponas is an area on Rhodes Islands that cannot be missed for any cause.

Here, you will find a lot of small, traditional villages, old byzantine churches and interesting spots that are definitely worth a visit. One of the area’s highlights, though, has nothing to do with the traditional charm and mountainous landscape; here, the best wine on the island is being produced in the vast vineyards, a spectacle that will remain unforgettable to wine lovers.

Kallithea, a hidden magical beach

Kallithea is worldwide famous for its well preserved Arabian monuments. Though not promoted at all, this magical place also features the nicest, coziest beach on the entire island. A small sandy paradise, naturally protected by tall rocks on each side, Kallithea Beach awaits to allure its visitors within its warm embrace.

Shops & Galleries
Shopping in Rhodes

The New Rhodes Town is indeed a big contemporary city with a vast market with many boutique stores, super markets, shopping centers, souvenir shops, furniture, decorations, jewelry stores, folk art shops etc. The main street where most of the stores are located is Ethnarhou Makariou.

Faliraki also has a very big market and a very impressive shopping mall, with ample parking space and exceptional boutiques.

Do not forget to buy some handmade ceramics and woven. The ceramic art has a longstanding tradition in Rhodes. There are numerous pottery workshops all over the island, where local manufacturers make beautiful decorative items, with unique designs, inspired by Rhodes’ ancient history and the inhabitants’ everyday life.

Additionally, the handmade woven items are also a famous traditional product of Rhodes since local women have a distinctive talent in weaving. Especially in Afantou and in the village of Archagellos you will find a wide range of unique designs and patterns. Another traditional product of Rhodes Island is the umbrella. Colorful with many patterns and sizes, umbrellas is something you will find in most of the island’s tourist and commercial shops.

Generally, the island’s market has it all. Buy traditional products and keep your memories from the island of the Knights alive!

Jewelry & Accessories

Rodos Gold Vogiatzis
In this authentic jewelry shop, situated at 2 km from Faliraki, visitors can admire a treasure of gold jewelry.
10th. km Rhodes - Lindos Highway (2 km before Faliraki), Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410 86040
Fax: +30 22410 86121

Mandikos Jewelry Store
Located in the Medieval Town of Rhodes, here you can find a great variety of jewelry pieces.
22 Sokratous Str., Medieval Town, Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410 39334

Worry beads and jewelry since 1977.
20 Socratous Str., Medieval Town, Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410 30458

Mastoras Silver
Unique creations from silver.
16th km Rhodes – Lindos highway, Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410 85229

Rhodes Gallery
Jewelry, ceramics, silk carpets, batik pareos, tablecloths, souvenirs.
47-49 Evreon Martiron Sq., Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410-36819
Fax: +30 22410-35492

Clothes, Shoes & Various Accessories

In the New Town of Rhodes, find in Valsamis store a variety of clothes and shoes
12 Gallias Str., New Town, Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410 32631

Cairo Palace Mall
A former A’ class hotel built in 1955, Cairo Palace Mall turned into a shopping mall in 1990 containing 30 shops. Here you can find many clothes and shoes stores, as well as banks.
28 Ethn. Makariou Str., New Town, Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410 27600, +30 22410 24328

Rodos Home
This is a department store with home appliances
7th km Rhodes - Lindos highway, Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410 72410

Department store with a variety of clothes, shoes, accessories and sports items.
6 Amerikis Str., New Town, Rhodes

Hondos Center
Department Store with cosmetics, home appliances, linen, clothes and other fast moving products.
30-32 Diakou Alexandrou Str., Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410 77850

A popular store with women, men and children clothes, shoes and accessories.
40 Gr. Lambraki Str., New Town, Rhodes

Boutique Lacoste / Diakosavvas
Men and women clothes
39 Amerikis Str., New Town, Rhodes

Men, women, children clothes, home appliances and linen
Gr. Lambraki & Amerikis Str., New Town, Rhodes

Umbrella Shops

Rhodes Island is pretty famous for its umbrella production. So, we could not but propose some stores where you can find this traditional Rhodian product.

Neofytou K & M
Umbrella Store
18 Gallias Str., New Town, Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410 22369

Umbrella Store
24 Gallias Str., New Town, Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410 24833

Umbrella Store
97 Th. Sofouli Str., New Town, Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410 24097

Various Shops with Traditional Products

Marinos Cava
An old liquor store, founded in 1935, with a wide range of wines and spirits of local or international origin.
New and Medieval Rhodes Town, Rhodes
www.marinossa.gr .

Ktima Mastrovasaki
Traditional local products.
107 Sofouli Street, New Town, Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410 21666

Bonis Ceramics
100% handmade products since 1951.
23rd km Rhodes - Lindos highway, Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410 51910

Lindos Art Gallery
Quality hand-painted artwork in the main square of Lindos.
Lindos, Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410 32150

Blown Glass Art Creations

Unique creations from blown glass. A colorful environment in order to create the atmospheric ambience in your own place!
16 Agiou Fanouriou Str., Medieval Town, Rhodes
Tel.: +30 22410 25425

Rodos Products Gimoukis Konstantinos

Local products from olive oil, honey and grapes.
Sianna, Rhodes
Tel.: +30 6972295331