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Cycladia, Quality Travel in Greece
The best Greece has to offer

Holidays in Greece

Situated at the crossroads between East and West, steeped in a deep history, where our Ancestors lived and gave birth to the Western Civilization and Democracy, Greece represents the ultimate holidays’ destination to explore a charismatic land chosen by gods, and interact with the great diversity of landscapes and the rich cultural heritage and history, eternally vacillating from past to present times.

However, Holidays in Greece are not just about visiting the ancient monuments of the Mediterranean country’s glorious age or the innumerable archeological museums; Greece is a journey in time, providing, in its mainland and through the thousands of beautiful Greek Islands, the opportunity to sense the diversity of each place’s traditions, local products and delicacies, natural beauties and pure spirit that turn holidays in Greece into an authentic and fascinating travelling experience.

Quality Travel in Greece

Our passion and infinite love for Greece, our thirst to reveal its best kept secrets, its most exceptional places and to share them for each traveler’s authentic living and quality travel in Greece and the Greek Islands, naturally led us to the creation of Cycladia, a complete accurate and quality online place featuring top hotels in Greece, best venues, local attractions and secret tips, that represents way more than a conventional travel guide to Greece.

Your Travel Guide to Greece

Cycladia is your ultimate Travel Guide to Greece and the Greek Islands for the best quality holidays. Offering a complete hotels guide, either you wish to explore the Greek Islands, either you are on your way to explore the treasures of mainland, you are invited to read Cycladia’s editors’ experiences and reviews of the best restaurants, the top hotels in Greece, the fanciest bars or the most awesome beaches for high quality travel in Greece.

Cycladia is growing
We’ve started with Mykonos and Santorini Island, now we are delighted to present you more destinations not only in the Cyclades but also Ionian, Dodecanese and Crete. All the best hotels, finest restaurants, most beautiful beaches and all the tips a traveler needs for the perfect trip to Greece!

Soon, Cycladia will not only be enriched with many more destinations, hotels and information about the Greek Islands and many locations all over Greece, but also with many innovative applications and resources for each traveler’s complete online interaction in order to prepare and experience the best possible holidays in Greece.

Welcome to the exclusive world of Cycladia, welcome to the authentic side of Greece!

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