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Enjoy your stay through Cycladia

Best Places to stay in Greece

One of the most desired holiday’s destinations for millions of travelers every year, Greece offers through its Greek islands, cities and mountains, a plethora of ways to interact with the Greek history, mythology and vibrant life of contemporary Greece.

In a country which brings travelers through a constant journey between past and present, with a myriad of landscapes, sights, activities and traditions, Cycladia entices you, with a constant and extensive exploration of the Greek Islands and other Greek destinations, to identify the best places to stay in Greece, always taking into consideration severe criteria in order to select the best hotels of Greece that offer welcoming hospitality, character, quality accommodation and authentic luxury.

Best Hotels of Greece

Cycladia’s definition of Best Hotels of Greece is not necessarily based on each hotel’s category since we only focus on quality accommodation with authentic charm and warmhearted hospitality.

From luxury boutique hotels to romantic small hotels facing the sunset and from design city hotels to traditional windmills, we propose an exclusive selection of quality accommodation for your stay; either you are dreaming about the perfect getaway in the Greek Islands or you wish to explore the vestiges of the Hellenic civilization in Athens, Cycladia guides you through the best places to stay in Greece.

In Cycladia you will most surely find suggestions varying from a Mykonos Town hotel or a design hotel in Mykonos, the cosmopolitan party island of the Cyclades, till small, fine rooms and studios hidden in some of the treasured Ionian Islands or even the Argosaronic. In Cycladia you will find it all covering all tastes, needs and budgets!

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