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Paros Travel Guide
Paros Island Name

The island of Paros has been inhabited since at least 4000 BC. It was then called Minoa, indicating that its civilization used to be Cretan.  It wasn’t until the 1st millennium BC that the island took its actual name, when the Arcadians arrived, led by Parios, who named it after himself.

First Signs of Life

The first evidence of community life on the island was found on Saliagko, the islet between Paros and Antiparos, around 3000 BC. Saliagko’s settlements are amongst the oldest of the Aegean Sea’s islands.

The Classical Period

In the Classical Times, the eminent Parian marble was broadly used for the creation of several masterpieces of Ancient Greek Art, such as the Afroditi of Milos, the Hermes of Praxitelis in Olympia, the Temple of Apollo in Delos and the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio and hence Paros was very prosperous during that period. By the end of the Classical Period, Paros had become a member of the Macedonian Alliance.

The Roman Period

During the Roman Period, Paros, along with a large part of mainland Greece, became part of the Roman Empire. Paros was then considered as a place of exile.

Christianity and Byzantine Period

Christianity came to Paros around 300 AD. During the Byzantine period, Paros was still an important venue, thanks to its famous marbles. However, when in around 900, the Arabs invaded the island, it deserted completely. Paros started repopulating few years later, and in the 13th century, the Island came under Venetian rule.

Venetian Occupation

During the Venetian occupation, Paros was ruled by several Venetian families. Naoussa became a Pirate base and, during that period, the fortresses of Naoussa, Kefalou and Parikia were built.

Ottoman Occupation

The island was occupied by the Turks in 1560. During the Turkish occupation the residents of Paros were fortunately allowed more freedom than they used to under other occupations. Many churches and monasteries were built during this time.

The Greek Revolution

During the Greek Revolution of 1821, Paros played a key role. Indeed, Manto Mavrogenous, a female leader of many conflicts that took place during that revolution, was from the Island of Paros. The island was soon freed and reunited with Greece.

Recent History

The end of World War II found Paros poor and many of the island’s residents had to immigrate to Athens and later abroad, in order to be able to work.  The island started to prosper again during the 60’s, when tourism boomed to discover the beauty of Paros.

All of Paros history is written on the remains of its past, its archaeological sites and historic monuments. Byzantine churches and monasteries, built according to the distinctive Cycladic architecture, are vivid statements of Paros ongoing history.

Famous Parians

The two most famous Parians are Archilochus, a renowned lyrical poet who lived in the 7th century BC, and Scopas, a sculptor and architect, who created his masterpieces in the first half of the 4th century BC.

The First Town

According to mythology, the Cretan Alkaios built the very first city on the island, on the actual location of Parikia is. He was also the first king of Paros and named the island Minoa, in honor of the Cretan civilization.

Pareia the Naiad Nymph

In another myth, Pareia the Nymph, daughter of a river god, was the founder of the main town of Paros and the island was named after her.

The Cyclades

The Cyclades name means “kyklos”, “circle” in Greek. It is believed that ancient Greeks imagined the islands forming a circle around Delos, the sacred island-birthplace of god Apollo. Others say that the strong winds in the area made the ships lose control and go spinning around in circles in the Aegean Sea.

Another interesting mythological version is that the Cyclades were named after the nymphs of the same name, and that Poseidon, god of the seas, transformed them into rocks during a fit of rage.

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Museum of Popular Aegean civilization

The Foklore Musem in Lefkes exhibits various local tools, clothing and everyday objects and utensils, showing the traditional life of the inhabitants of Paros during past decades.   


Parikia, the capital of Paros, has maintained its picturesque style. Parikia’s cute harbor, decorated with white houses, is typical of the Cycladic architecture. Its port connects Paros with the mainland and the other Cyclades Islands.
The traveller is always amazed by the beauty of this town, where tourists blend with the locals’ everyday routine. Parikia is an ideal, modern venue any time of day or night, with its shops, bars, restaurants and tavernas. But there are parts in it that take you on a journey back in the past of Paros. In the oldest part of the town there is a 13th century Venetian castle, as well as a number of byzantine churches, that have preserved the color of the island in their architecture and style.


Naoussa has preserved the feeling of the pristine fishing village it truly is, beautifully mingling with the elegant atmosphere of the modern venue that it has become, with its tavernas and ouzeris, its bars and its clubs, the most famous in the Aegean.
But Naoussa’s biggest advantage is that its bay is the home to two of the most beautiful beaches of the island, Kolimbithres and Monastiri, attracting people from all over Paros for their natural beauty.


Antiparos, the small island-brother of Paros, is an ideal destination for those who love tranquil holidays, in the isolated Cyclades setting.
You can access Antiparos by ferry boat from Punta beach (10 minutes away) or by a smaller boat from Parikia (30 minutes).
Antiparos is worth a visit not only for the beauty of its main village, but also for its wonderful sandy beaches with azure waters. The impressive cave on Agios Ioannis hill is the number one attraction of Antiparos. Antiparos is ideal for a one-day trip, but also for your entire vacation.

Church Of Ekatontapiliani

Open all day until 8 in the evening
Museum: open every day 10.00-14.00 and 18.00-21.00
Next to the port of Parikia, stands gracefully the church of Ekatontapiliani (the church with the hundred gates), one of the most important Byzantine monuments in the whole Greece. The Church, built in the 4th century AD, is dedicated to Virgin Mary. According to the local tradition, it was founded by Saint Helen, mother of Saint Konstantinos (emperor of Constantinople).
The visitors entering the cathedral can admire its dome and the old byzantine icons.
In the arcade of the church there is a Byzantine museum with a wide collection of important relics of the church.

Archeological Museum

Open daily 8.30-15.00, except Monday
The archaeological museum of Paros is located close to the cathedral church of Ekatontapiliani. It hosts the chronicle of 6000 years of history. There are exhibits dating from the prehistoric and the Neolithic period until the Roman era, as well as unique sculptures made of Parian marble.

The ''Skorpios'' Folklore Museum

The ''Skorpios'' Folklore Museum in Alyki features a collection of miniature boats created by the artist Benetos Skiadas. It also exhibits a Parian house, a traditional café, a windmill, a blacksmith’s workshop and everyday objects.

Ancient Marble Quarries

Located in the region of Marathi in Paros, the ancient marble quarries, where the famous Parian marble was being produced since antiquity, are now abandoned, but definitely worth visiting.

Ancient Cemetery

Recent excavations brought to light one of the most important and oldest cemeteries of Cyclades. The Cemetery, situated near the Parikia harbour, was used from the 8th century BC until the 3rd century AD.

Agia Anna Hill

On the hill of Agia Anna there are the ancient ruins of Delion and the Asklepeion, as well as the Pytheion temple.

The Monastery of Loggovardas

Located about 7 km away from Parikia, the monastery of Loggovardas, built in 1638, is one of the most impressive monuments of Paros. Access is allowed to men only and visitors must be dressed descently.

The Venetian Castle

The Venetian Castle situated north of Naoussa is one of the most interesting sights of Paros, as it’s half-sunken beneath the surface of the sea.

The Church of Agios Nikolaos

Agios Nikolaos is the protector saint of sailors and this church is dedicated to fishing boats. The small whitewashed church of Agios Nikolaos is located in Naoussa.

The Mycenaean Acropolis

The Mycenaean Acropolis in Koukounaries, just above Kolymbithres beach in Naoussa, was built in the 13th century BC. Not much of it is left today, but it’s worth a visit, at least for the mesmerizing view.

The Church of Agia Triada

In the picturesque village of Lefkes you will find the Church of Agia Triada. Situated on a hill above the village, Agia Triada is constructed with exquisite Parian marble.

The entire pristine village of Lefkes is worth a visit. Take a walk around the stone paved streets and admire its traditional churches, the traditional architecture and the wild nature that surrounds it.

The Antiparos Cave

Situated on the hill of Agios Ioannis on the small island of Antiparos, this cave, full of impressive stalagmites and stalactites, is one of the most important sights of the whole Aegean Archipelagon.

Butterfly Valley - Petaloudes

The Butterfly Valley in Psychopiana, approximately 6 km away from Parikia, is the finest natural site on Paros. In a magical area of lush vegetation and running waters, visitors are amazed by the thousands of butterflies all around. You can see the butterflies during the summer months, hiding in the shades or camouflaging on the leaves.

Eat & Drink
TYPE: Bar,   STYLE: Jazz & World music
Location: Parikia

TYPE: Bar,   STYLE: Alternative
Location: Parikia

TYPE: Bar,   STYLE: Jazz & World music
Location: Parikia

TYPE: Club,   STYLE: Mainstream
Location: Parikia

TYPE: Restaurant,   STYLE: Contemporary Mediterranean Cuisine
Location: Parikia

TYPE: Restaurant,   STYLE: Gourmet & Gastronomic Restaurant
Location: Parikia

TYPE: Beach Bar,   STYLE: Lounge & Atmospheric
Location: Golden Beach

TYPE: Café & Bar,   STYLE: Jazz & World music
Location: Piso Livadi

TYPE: Restaurant,   STYLE: Traditional Greek Cuisine
Location: Agia Irini

TYPE: Beach Bar,   STYLE: Alternative
Location: Punda

TYPE: Restaurant,   STYLE: Italian cuisine
Location: Livadia

TYPE: Restaurant,   STYLE: Contemporary Mediterranean Cuisine
Location: Naoussa

TYPE: Restaurant,   STYLE: French Cuisine
Location: Naoussa

TYPE: Restaurant,   STYLE: Contemporary Mediterranean Cuisine
Location: Naoussa

TYPE: Club,   STYLE: Alternative
Location: Naoussa

TYPE: Bar,   STYLE: Lounge & Atmospheric
Location: Parikia

TYPE: Café & Bar,   STYLE: Mainstream
Location: Parikia

TYPE: Café & Bar,   STYLE: Alternative
Location: Parikia

TYPE: Restaurant,   STYLE: International
Location: Parikia

TYPE: Restaurant,   STYLE: International
Location: Parikia

TYPE: Restaurant,   STYLE: Traditional Greek Cuisine
Location: Naoussa

TYPE: Restaurant,   STYLE: Traditional Greek Cuisine
Location: Naoussa

TYPE: Restaurant,   STYLE: Traditional Greek Cuisine
Location: Naoussa

TYPE: Taverna,   STYLE: Contemporary Mediterranean Cuisine
Location: Parikia

TYPE: Taverna,   STYLE: Contemporary Mediterranean Cuisine
Location: Naoussa

TYPE: Taverna,   STYLE: Contemporary Mediterranean Cuisine
Location: Parikia

TYPE: Taverna,   STYLE: Traditional Greek Cuisine
Location: Parikia

TYPE: Taverna,   STYLE: Traditional Greek Cuisine
Location: Naoussa

TYPE: Bar,   STYLE: Traditional Greek Cuisine
Location: Santa Maria

TYPE: Taverna,   STYLE: Traditional Greek Cuisine
Location: Prodromos

TYPE: Taverna,   STYLE: Traditional Greek Cuisine
Location: Ampelas

TYPE: Taverna,   STYLE: Traditional Greek Cuisine
Location: Ampelas

Practical info
General Info

Paros climate is temperate, like the rest of the Cyclades Islands. Winters are mild and during summer season the weather is sunny, hot with strong winds called meltemia, very appreciated by windsurfers . Summer evenings are usually cooler, with a little humidity and you will generally have the perfect weather for your holidays.

From the month of January to April, Paros Island’s temperatures vary from 11°C to 15°C. During the month of May, temperatures climb up to 20°C. During summer months the weather warms up offering hot temperatures with Meltemia.  If you prefer cooler tempatures, September and October are the ideal months for relaxing holidays.

National prefix for Greece is +30 if you are calling from abroad All numbers in the capital Athens start with 210 and are followed by 8 digits (e.g. 210 3227400)
Area Code for Paros: +30 22840 xxxxx. If you wish to call abroad, you have to start by dialing the other country’s national prefix (i.e. Germany is 0049, England is 0044 etc.) and continue with the area code and the number where you wish to call.

Euro €
Euro Coins: 1 and 2 euro coins (gold and silver color) 10, 20 and 50 cents (gold color) 1, 2 and 5 cents (copper color) 1 euro = 100 cents/centimes
Euro Bank Notes: come in 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500. It is not always easy to receive changes for 200 and 500 euro notes.

Getting there

Paros Island features its own airport with daily flights to Athens and all major International Airports. It is also connected to most Greece’s ports by Ferry Boats.


Paros Airport is located at 10 km from Parikia. From Athens airport, there are daily Olympic Airlines flights to Paros (half an hour flight). The number of flights and their time-table depend on the time of the year.

Paros National Airport Tel.: +30 22840 92030, +30 22840 91256, +30 22840 91257/ Fax: +30 22840 91077

Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos

Olympic Air: For accurate timetables and tickets costs visit the Olympic Air website www.olympicair.com. Tel.: 801 801 0101/ +30 210 3550500
Office at Paros Airport Tel.: +30 22840 92211, 22840 91257

Aegean Airlines: For accurate timetables and tickets costs visit the Aegean Airlines website www.aegeanair.com Tel.: 801 112 0000/ +30 210 6261000

Paros Island features one port, Parikia port. The main port to take you to Paros from Athens is in Piraeus. From the airport, you can get to Piraeus by taxi or by bus (about 1 hour, depending on the traffic). From Athens, you can get to the harbor by subway (25 minutes from the city center).

There are also ferry departures, especially high-speed ferries, from the port of Rafina, which is closest to the Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport.

To reach Paros by sea, there are two types of ferries; the high-speed ferry which takes approximately 3 hours and the normal ferry which takes approximately 4 to 6 hours.

You can also travel to Paros by ferry from/to main Cyclades Islands.

Blue Star Ferries Paros
(normal ferry) For accurate timetables and ticket costs visit the Blue Star ferries website www.bluestarferries.com

High Speed Ferry Paros
(fast ferry) For accurate timetables and ticket costs visit the Hellenic Seaways website www.hellenicseaways.gr

Local Transportation

When you arrive in Paros, you can either use the public transportation (local bus) or taxis or, even better, rent a car (or a motorbike in the summer).
If you land to Paros airport, you can take a taxi or ask the rental agency that your car will wait for you at the airport. If you come by ferry, you can rent a car at the car rental agencies that surround the port.

http://www.ktelparou.gr (KTEL)
Tel.: +30 22840 21395 (Parikia), +30 22840 52865 (Naoussa)

Travelling by bus within Paros is safe, but it can be tricky as sometimes the timetables change without prior notice. During summer, the buses depart approximately every 1 hour from several towns all over the island.

Departure points: Buses leave from Parikia, Lefkes, Dryos, Naoussa, Alyki, Pounta and Kolimbithres, going to several locations around the island and back. During the summer period buses also leave from and to Santa Maria and Ampelas.

You can also get around Paros by taxis; you will find the main taxi stand in Parikia central square and in Naoussa. Taxis in Paros are pretty expensive. You are advised to ask for the fare before getting in the taxi in order to avoid bad surprises. They can be hailed on the street or arrive by appointment.

Radio Taxi Service Tel.: +30 22840 21500 (Parikia)/ +30 22840 53490 (Naoussa)

Renting a car or a motorbike to get around is common in Paros and there are many such agencies operating at the airport, the harbour, Parikia and Naoussa.

Tel.: +30 22840 25027

Local services

If you need a bank in Paros, you will find most of them in Parikia and one in Ekatontapiliani. If you need an ATM, there are several all over the Island. Note that all credit cards internationally recognized are accepted in most of the Island’s restaurants, bars and shops.
Banks opening hours: Monday to Thursday: 8.00 - 14.30 Friday: 8.00 - 14.00

Banks exchange all major currencies in cash, travellers’ cheques or Eurocheques; the commission is lower for cash. Post offices exchange cash but not travellers cheques, and usually charge lower commissions than banks. Travel agencies and larger hotels change cash and travellers cheques but usually charge higher commissions than banks. Banknote exchange machines can be found in most tourist areas.

The Greek post is called ELTA and you can find the post offices of the Island in Parikia and Piso Livadi. Post Boxes in Greece are YELLOW for normal post, usually with 2 slots for INTERNAL POST (meaning inside Greece) and post for ABROAD. RED Post Boxes are rarer and they are used for URGENT mail. REGISTERED mail is always handled and given a receipt for at the POST OFFICE.

Post office in Paros Tel.: +30 22840 51495 (Parikia)/ 22840 41951 (Piso Livadi)

In Parikia, on Manto Mavrogenous Square
Tel.: +30 22840 23333  

In Parikia Tel.: +30 22840 21222/ 22843 60100-60105

Useful Numbers
•    Radio Taxi: +30 22840 21500 (Parikia)/ +30 22840 53490 (Naoussa)
•    Tourist Police: +30 22840 21673
•    Port authority: +30 22840 21240
•    Weather Forecast: 14944
•    Elpa (Car Breakdown): +30 22840 24168
•    Express Service (Car Breakdown):  +30 22840 53361


•    Police: 100
•    Fire Department: 199
•    Ambulance: 166

•    Health Center At Parikia: +30 22840 22500
•    Health Center At Naoussa: +30 22840 51216
•    Health Center At Marpissa: +30 22840 41205
•    Health Center At Agairia: +30 22840 91277
•    First Aid: +30 22840 22500

•    Parikia: +30 22840 21449
•    Parikia: +30 22840 21388
•    Alyki: +30 22840 91560
•    Marpissa: +30 22840 41810

You can find International Press in Paros in the harbor of Parikia


Santa Maria is not just one, long beach. There are several smaller, sandy beaches and magic coves in this bay, making it ideal for tranquility and diving. In parts of Santa Maria there are facilities such as camping, beach volley and a windsurfing school. There is also a beach bar with lounge music, for exotic cocktails by the water. Santa Maria is accessible by car or by boat.


Punda beach is a tiny, beautiful bay, very popular for beach parties. It is always crowded, full of young people enjoying extreme sports, such as bungee jumping and water sports. There is also a restaurant, a music bar, a swimming pool, as well as plenty of other entairtainment spots. You can go there by bus or by car


Piperi beach is the central beach of Naoussa. Surrounded by imposing rocks, it has an amazing view to the Aegean and its sandy beach and clear waters are suitable for swimming and sunbathing. Piperi is accessible on foot from Naoussa.


Parasporos beach is a long and sandy bay, pretty popular among the younger visitors of the island. The sea is clean and the wide sand is ideal for sunbathing and relaxing. There are several bars and tavernas in parts of the beach. There are also corners left untouched, where nature lovers can enjoy tranquil swimming. Parasporos is easily accessible by car and bus.


New Golden Beach (Tserdakia) is a long sandy beach, known as one of the most ideal wind surfing beaches of the Mediterranean. The World Windsurfing Championship has been taking place here for over 7 years. It is well organized, with equipment for windsurf and kite surf, as well as tavernas, hotels and apartments near by. It is accessible by bus or by car.


Monastiri is a long, sandy coast among rocks. Monastiri beach attracts fewer tourists during the day, but it is the ideal location for an evening beach party. There is a restaurant on the beach, ideal both for lunch and for take away sandwiches. Monastiri is accessible by car from Naoussa.

Location:Marmara, 2km away from the village of Marmaras, in the Eastern coast of the island

Molos is a beautiful beach, with deep blue crystal waters and a magnificent view to Naxos island. It is surrounded by the mountains of Kefalos and Antikefalos, creating a unique surrounding area. Molos is only accessible by car.


Mesada is a small and quiet sandy beach, a favourite destination for nudists from all over the world.

Location:Aspro Horio

This beautiful small sandy beach is surrounded by just a few houses and a small taverna, where you can enjoy lunch by the sea along with great wine. Lolantonis is accessible by car.

Location:Piso Livadi

A beautiful, sandy beach with clean, blue waters, Logaras is really a holidaymaker’s dream. The beach is surrounded by nice restaurants and small hotels, making it a nice choice for families. It is easily accessible on foot, as it’s just a five minutes walk from Piso Livadi.


Livadia is the most central beach of Paros. It is a long and wide beach, separated in sections, to satisfy everyone’s preferences. There are organized parts, with umbrellas and water sports facilities, as well as cozy corners with trees, ideal for seclusion and tranquil swimming. The beach is easily accessible on foot from Parikia.


Lay on a sun bed on the sandy beach of Krios and enjoy the excellent view to the Parikia port, after swimming in its azure waters. There is an organized camping there, as well as a beach volley court and other beach activities. There are also plenty of tavernas and bars, making it ideal for one-day trips. It is easily accessible both by boat and by car.


Kolimbithres is an exotic sandy beach with crystal waters and bizarre rocks creating small “swimming pools”. Located in Naoussa's bay, Kolimbithres is definitely worth a visit. It is well organized, with a restaurant near by. It is accessible by taxi-boat from the port of Naoussa or by car.

Location:Molos, Close to Molos bay

This small sandy beach is famous because the stones around it contain argil. Most visitors make mud out of the sand and cover their body, even their hair. They let it dry on them and afterwards they wash it out in the sea. Legend has it that this mud has curative abilities, or at least it makes your skin softer and healthier. Kalogiras is accessible by car.


Golden beach (Chryssi Akti) is one of Paros most famous beaches. Within 22 km from Parikia and near the seaside village of Drios, Golden Beach is a long and sandy beach with light blue waters. Golden Beach is very well organised with many water sports facilities and it is also the surfers’ paradise. It is accessible by car or bus from Parikia.


Farangas is a small sandy beach with crystal clear waters, surrounded by sand dunes and rocks. The beach is well organized with sun beds and umbrellas, while the fascinating landscape around it has remained almost intact. Farangas is absolutely one of the most beautiful and most popular beaches of the island. The road is not asphalt, but it’s definitely worth it.


There are a couple of sandy beaches in the small village of Ampelas, as well as traditional tavernas on the waterfront, with fresh fish and seafood, caught just for you by local fishermen. Ampelas is accessible by car or motorbike. It also features a small port, where you could moor your boat.


Agioi Anargyroi is a beautiful, sandy beach, very popular among Naoussa’s guests. Agioi Anargyroi beach offers everything, from sun beds and unbrellas to dining options or cocktails. It is easily accessible by car.


A small sandy beach with palm trees all over it, perched in a scenic and exotic bay, Agia Irini is an ideal beach for relaxation far from the crowd. It is also ideal for children, as its waters are crystal clear and not deep. There is also a restaurant for refreshments. The beach is accessible by car or taxi.


Local Specialties & Recipes
Paros delicacies

Local cuisine has always used the products of the land and the sea. It therefore mainly consists of vegetables, fish and seafood, pies and delicious wine, including just small quantities of meat. All Parian dishes are seasoned with herbs and spices from the land and are cooked with olive oil. Enjoy unforgettable dinners in Paros modern tavernas right on the waterfront and experience the essence of the Aegean Sea, filled with the flavours of the Mediterranean and the traditional Greek touch.


Octopus and squid, lobster, fresh fish (red mullet, red bream, bogue, sea scorpion, mackerel, grouper, black bream, whitebait…) from the waters of the island, always have a special place on the Parian dinner table.


A local specialty, Gouna is sun-dried mackerel fish, grilled and served with a bit of lemon.


Don’t forget to taste Karavalous, tasty boiled snails served with garlic sauce.

Local Products
Local Parian Products

Paros is one of the more fertile islands of the Cyclades. It is known for its wine, as well as for its fruits, cereals and olive oil.  

Local Cheese

Mizithra is a soft white cheese made of goat milk. Mizithra is very popular in Paros, as it is used in salads instead of feta cheese, served with bread and tomato as a meze, and used widely in local recipes with pasta or vegetables. Make sure to also taste other soft cheeses, such as the local anthotyro, the touloumisio and the xinomizithra and don’t miss Parian hard cheese, like graviera, kefalotyri and ladotyri.

Local Deserts

The traditional sweet Petimezinia and the pumpkin pie are Parian delicacies you should definitely try.

Wine and Wineries

Cycladic wineries are popular all around Greece for their simple, yet rich tasting wines, made of grapes from local vineyards.

Easter in Paros

Easter in Paros is indeed a very special period as the entire island is vibrating in the religious ambience of this unique celebration.

Customs are more or less the same with the rest of Greece but in Paros we meet the special traditional celebrations in Marpissa village.

On Holy Friday, the Procession of Epitafios (a simulation of Jesus’ tomb decorated with flowers by the villagers) takes place all around Marpissa and a great number of the island’s inhabitants and visitors follow the procession with lit candles. Scattered around the route of the procession in various places representations of the life and passions of Jesus Christ take place: Lazarus Resurrection, the Repentance of Magdalene, the Last Supper, the Ascendance on Golgotha Mountain, the hanging of Judas and the Crucifixion, Pieta and Burial of Jesus, and many more are represented in flesh and blood by young people who are dressed in clothes of this period.

All customs peak on Sunday of the Holy Week in Marpissa Field with the Feast of Love, in which the entire village gets together to materialize the main message of the Resurrection: love for the fellow man, accompanied by local Parian wine, delicacies, fold music and dances in a cheerful and loving ambience.

Events in Paros

Every summer, Paros Island offers a great selection of cultural events and religious festivals, with food, wine and music and people from all over the island attend the celebrations. Find below a selection of the most important open-air events taking place on the island during the summer months.

June: The Holy Trinity Church in Lefkes
The Holy Spirit feast is held on the first Monday of June. In Paros, it lasts for three whole days, in the Church of the Holy Trinity in Lefkes.

June the 26th and the 27th: The Feast of Saint John
The Feast of Saint John church in Alyki features several celebrations on the beach.

July: Fish & Wine Festival
During the first Sunday of July, the Fish and Wine festival takes place in Naoussa.

August 6: Fish Festival in Alyki
Residents and tourists enjoy fresh fish, the native alcoholic drink suma and plenty of local wine.

August 15: Panayia in Parikia
The most important religious celebration of the Greek summer takes place in Panayia Church in Parikia.

August 29: Ayios Ioannis at Lefkes
In the Monastery of Saint Ioannis Kaparos with the amazing view to the Aegean, takes place a religious event celebrating the saint.

September 4: The Feast of the Holy Cross in Agairia
In Saint Georgios, the main church of Agairia takes place the feast of the Saint, combining religious traditions with folk music and local food.

Cycladia Tips
Small tips to make your stay safer and easier

•    Make sure to make your travelling arrangements well in advance. Paros is a very popular destination, especially during the summer season!
•    The weather in Cyclades changes all the time, and sun can give its place to strong winds from one day to next. You should definitely pack a jacket, a long pair of trousers and some long sleeved t-shirts for these chilly evenings.
•    Finding a taxi on Paros in July or August might prove to be a tricky task. A good idea is to book one a few hours earlier.
•    Renting a car (or even getting your own with you) is a good idea on Paros. You’ll have a better chance to explore the island and its wonderful, hidden beaches.

Best Sunset

Don’t miss the incredible sunset in the beach of Agios Konstantinos, where the red evening sun becomes one with the Aegean Sea, coloring the white-washed walls of the pristine village houses.

Ideal for Sailors

It might be windy in Paros, but that’s an asset for some! Sailors can savour the unique scenery of the island’s coast on their boats, and explore the hidden corners of Paros. Unexplored bays and quiet beaches with crystal clear waters are just minutes away and you can also visit some more of the Cyclades islands, as they are only a couple of hours away. You don’t have to know how to sail to have this amazing opportunity, since there are professional skippers who organize daily sailing tours to the nearby islands.

Secret Trekking Paths

The old paths that used until the previous century to connect the villages are now trekking paths that provide adventurers a magnificent tour into the untouched Parian nature, as well as monuments not accessible by car.

The main paths are:
•    From Lefkes to Archilochos and Marpissa
•    From the monastery of Agioi Anargyroi to Lefkes
•    From Naoussa Monastiri to the lighthouse
•    From Drios to Piso Livadi
•    From Koukounaries to Naoussa

Windsurfing in Paros

Windy Paros is not only ideal for sailors. The island’s beaches are famous worldwide among the windsurfing funs, since the Professional Windsurfing Association has been organizing the world cup for several years at Golden Beach and New Golden Beach. Experienced surfers take advantage of the northern summer winds and surf the close distance between Paros West coast and Naxos East coast.

Shops & Galleries
Shops in Paros

The historical centre of Parikia is full of street markets with small boutiques, pottery shops and souvenir stores.

There are smaller shopping areas in other parts of the island, such as in Naoussa, around the Ekatontapiliani Church, or on the road to Livadia.
Souvenir shops are scattered around the tourist hubs of Paros, offering fine pieces of folk art, ceramics and post-cards.

Studio Yria, Kostos. Tel.: +30 22840 29007. In the workshop of the artistic couple, Monique and Stelios Ghikas, the guest will find functional and affordable handcrafted pottery art.

Tantanis Shop, Naoussa, Paros. Tel.: +30 22840 51261. Situated right in the centre of Naoussa, the traditional gift shop “Tantanis” fascinates the guest with its hundreds little gifts and handmade artifacts.

Cosmetics, Prassini Fraoula (Green Strawberry), Naoussa Square, Paros. Tel.: +30 697 6519638. Cosmetics, perfumes, sun-block creams, accessories and gifts can be found in Prassini Fraoula.

Ada Kamara boutique, Marinopoulos Street, Old Town, Parikia. Tel.: +30 22840 28324. Clothes made of cotton, linen, silk, bamboo and modal. Open till the end of September.

Anthemis Crafts, Marinopoulos street, Old Town, Parikia. Tel.: +30 22840 21188. Jewellery made of semi-precious stones, gold, silver, leather, cotton and metal, as well as handmade textile accessories, bags and belts. Created by Katerina Kouvara.

Talisman, Old Town, Kastro, Parikia. Tel.: +30 22840 23168. Jewellery made of silver and gold, as well as semi-precious stones hand-picked from all over the world. Created by Hara Kouragiou. Some of the jewellery are available at The Benaki Museum and The Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens.

Dolphins Natural Clothes & Shoes, Market Street, Old Town, Parikia. Tel.: +30 22840 24233. An alternative boutique with summer clothes and accessories for men and women.

The Jewellery Workshop, Market Street, Old Town, Parikia. Tel.: +30 22840 24359. Jewellery creations by several local designers.

Yvonne von der Decken's shop Palaio Poleio, Market Street, Old Town, Parikia. Tel.: +30 22840 21909. Antique furniture and household items, collected from the islands.

Ta Tsila Pou Efere O Notias (The Wood that the South Wind Brings), Market Street, Old Town, Parikia. Tel.: +30 22840 24669. Wood paintings.

Galleries in Paros

Many talented artists from mainland Greece and all over the world have selected Paros for their inspiration, creating and exhibiting their art in the numerous galleries and showrooms of the Island.

Apothiki Contemporary Art Gallery
, Kastro, Old Town, Parikia. www.apothiki.com.
Situated in the heart of Kastro, Apothiki is a multi-functional space, hosting contemporary art exhibitions and cultural events.

ArtPas Foundation, Kastro, Old Town, Parikia. Tel.: +30 22840 23474. Group and individual exhibitions, promoting mainly the artists of Paros, take place in this art gallery in Parikia.

Gallery Pondoporos, Agios Dimitrios Beach, Old Town, Naoussa. A modern art gallery which exhibits the works of Greek artists.

Metaxas Gallery, Naoussa. Tel.: +30 22840 52667. Exhibitions by local artists.

Peter Seibt, Elitas, Parikia. Tel.: +30 22840 23368. Paintings, objects, installations and other art projects by C.P.Seibt, who lives on Paros throughout the year.

Venus Art Gallery, Kolimbithres. Tel.: +30 22840 51976. Every summer, this gallery hosts the art works of several Greek artists.