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Sifnos Travel Guide
Sifnos Mythology

According to myth, Sifnos was the island of Apollon, the Ancient Greek god of light, healing and poetry who endowed the island with its many natural beauties and riches. As a sign of gratitude, the citizens would offer a golden egg to Apollon every year. When the production of gold was no longer adequate, Apollon was offered a gold-plated rock. This small gesture of course infuriated Apollon who in return sent over the tyrant Polykratis to remove all natural resources and precious metals from the island before flooding the goldmines himself leaving the island bare; hence ‘sifnos’.

The story behind the name

The island of Sifnos, rich in raw materials owes its name to two origins. The practical justification states that its name comes from the Greek word ‘sifnos’ meaning empty, deriving from the ancient mining tunnels said to be located below its surface. The other story, and most common one, has Sifnos deriving its name from Sifnos, the son of the legendary Attic hero Sounion.

Prehistorically speaking…

Sifnos has signs of inhabitation dated from the Neolithic age. A very wealthy island in ancient times, due to the abundance of gold and silver, Sifnos was dominated by several foreign civilizations before the 18th century. In 1100BC the island was colonized by the Ionians who transferred its capital to present-day Kastro. The island then went under the cultural and commercial domination of the Minoan Cretes in 1400BC who then took complete control after the explosion of Santorini’s volcano which destroyed the main Minoan civilizations in 1600BC. Thereafter the island participated in many important battles with the entry of the Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans, Russians and finally the Italians during WWII.

Foreign Reign

While little is known Sifnos during its foreign reign, each era played leading roles in the island’s histroy. The Romans assisted in the cultural foundation with their creation of the Greek school, Agios Tafos. The Byzantine rule led by Giannoulis da Corogna declared the islands independence from the Duke of Naxos after 60 years. The most difficult period Sifno experienced was during the Turkish domination in the late 1500s where the island saw its population and economic status dramatically alter. The islands inhabitants persistently fought the Turks during the Greek revolution and declared independence two centuries later.

Modern history

With Sifnos independence from the Turks, and for a while from any other foreign reign, the island was reborn. In 1833 Sifnos whose capital was then Kastro, was divided into two municipalities; Apollonia and Artemonas. And in 1836 the island experienced an increase in population when its inhabitants returned home and Apollonia was became the capital

CATEGORY: 5 star,   STYLE: Luxury
Location: Vathy
Starting price per night: 240.00 €


CATEGORY: 4 star,   STYLE: Traditional
Location: Kamares
Starting price per night: 120.00 €


CATEGORY: 3 star,   STYLE: Traditional
Location: Platys Gyalos
Starting price per night: 70.00 €


CATEGORY: Suites & Villas,   STYLE: Traditional
Location: Chryssopigi
Starting price per night: 145.00 €


CATEGORY: Apartments ,   STYLE: Traditional
Location: Artemonas
Starting price per night: 35.00 €


CATEGORY: Studios,   STYLE: Traditional
Location: Kamares
Starting price per night: 47.00 €



The small, naturally protected port is surrounded by steep, wildly beautiful mountains. The white houses are scattered on the hills, divine scents come from the picturesque taverns and the long, crystal clear, sandy beach seems so inviting on this hot summer afternoon. This is definitely Cyclades!
Sifnos is one of the most upscale, elegant, charming, yet low profile islands of the Aegean. The architecture is traditional, yet with a local touch, the cuisine is distinctive and absolutely delicious, the people are friendly, yet aristocratic, and the landscape just breathtaking. Sifnos is definitely unique and you won’t know until you go!

Kamares port

Kamares, the port of Sifnos, is a naturally protected cove that every summer hosts thousands of stunning private yachts from all over the world, since the island is extremely popular amongst the sailing aficionados. It’s also the biggest seaside village of Sifnos.  
Kamares social amenities
Kamares has a lot of traditional taverns with fresh fish and local specialties, pizzerias, bars, many mini markets, ATMs, car rental agencies, travel agencies, pastry shops, folk art shops, café overlooking the water, many hotels on both sides of the bay, as well as a private camping.
Kamares Beach
Oddly enough the beach of Kamares is the best of the island and has been awarded for many consecutive years with EU’s Blue Flag for the water quality, its organization and safety. It has thin, golden sand and crystal clear, warm, shallow waters. It’s ideal for families, yet also for couples and friends since it’s about 1.5 kilometers long and it’s hardly ever crowded.
Kamares Churches
There are many important churches around the bay, like Agios Symeon, Profitis Elias, Agia Marina, Agios Georgios and Agia Varvara, and they were all built around the end of the 19th century, have amazing frescoes and are definitely worth a visit.
Insider’s tip: Enjoy the magnificent sunset from Agia Marina!

Apollonia - Capital of Sifnos

Apollonia is the capital of the island and naturally it got its name from God Apollo.. The picturesque capital is amphitheatrically built on three hills and with  one main street where all the taverns bars and little shops are located., Cute boxy white houses, with small whitewashed front yards and blue window panels fill the streets of Apollonia emphasizing its Cycladic origin.
Apollonia social amenities
Apollonia has everything. Banks, travel agencies, pharmacies, stores, mini markets, gas stations, restaurants, bars, café, international and local Press corner, as well as public services, such as the Police, the Town Hall, the central Post Office etc.
Apollonia architecture
The unique aesthetics of Apollonia will amaze even the most demanding visitor. The traditional architecture is distinctive, yet not extravagant, the main paved street is nicely structured and all the stores are elegant and excellently blended in the Cycladic style.
Apollonia nightlife
The heart of the island’s nightlife beats here! There are no clubs, but the bars are awesome, with chairs and small tables on the main street, amazing cocktails and the astounding starlit sky above!
Insider’s tip: Try the mouthwatering local “loukoumades” (donuts) with honey, cheese or sugar, on the upper floor of “Loukoumades Aggelon”. They are simply divine!


Explore Sifnos’ true jewel. Artemonas is about 5 minutes by car from Apollonia. It’s standing on the top of a hill, enjoying a magical, panoramic view of the island. Wander around its paved streets and admire the impressive mansions, most of which belong to old families of captains and ship owners, and their magnificent gardens with palm trees and beautiful flowers. The infrastructure is truly unique and particularly attractive.
Artemonas churches
Few historical churches are located in Artemonas. Panagia Kohi has an extremely interesting architecture and a long history. According to the tradition beneath this church there was a temple dedicated to Goddess Artemis “Ekvatiria”, who was protecting the disembarkation from any ship and the outcome of every disturbing issue.
Other churches to visit in Sifnos are Panagia Ammou, which hosts a rare icon of Virgin Mary without Jesus in her arms, Panagia of Balis and Agios Spiridon.
Artemonas social amenities
There are many hotels in Artemonas, of which many enjoy an amazing view of the Aegean, a multitude of shops, small traditional taverns and cafés and some of the best pastry shops on the island.
Insider’s tip: Park your car in the main square and walk towards the school. On your left hand you will see the oldest pastry shop of the island with exquisite local recipes. It’s not a shop, but a house, owned by an old, adorable woman.


Kastro (castle/fortification) is actually one of the most spectacular attractions of the island, not to mention the mostly photographed one. About 3.5 kilometers from Apollonia, a downhill road leads to this astonishing settlement, amongst the most important medieval ones in Greece. It’s built on top of the island’s ancient capital and maintains the original characteristics of a Venetian fortification, established by the Da Corogna Dynasty around 1635.  
The streets are particularly small and narrow, there are only few front yards and the only public square is around the church of Agios Ioannis Theologos. Visitors are advised to park the car and then follow one of the entry paths. These paths are usually arches or loggias, which used to protect the castle as defense towers.
The settlement’s road structure is carefully designed and sometimes access is only feasible by small bridges. The houses of the Castle are divided into two categories. The low class houses are built one next to the other and form the outer part of the castle, while the upper class ones are located on the top of the hill.
If you enjoy walking you are going to love this place. Wander around the small, narrow streets and discover the ancient churches, the dark archways, the old houses with the wooden balconies and the crests on the entrances of the upper class houses.

Eftamartyras chapel

Get ready for the breathtaking view of the chapel Eftamartyras; perched on a rock, literally on the water and connected by a long stairway with the Castle. Words cannot even begin to describe the magnificence of this place. The infinite blue and the dazzling white offer the most authentic image of Greece!
Insider’s tip: After your long, difficult walk around the Castle enjoy a delicious traditional meal in the tavern Leonidas, which enjoys the scintillating and unobstructed view of the Castle and the Aegean!

Panagia Chryssopigi

This is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque spots on the island. One of the most photographed and famous church and monastery (built in 1650) in Cyclades, Panagia Chryssopigi is located in the southern part of the island. Every year, hundreds of weddings and christenings are hosted here, simply because the location is astonishing.
Visit the church and admire the view of the Aegean and of course of the beautiful cove. Then walk towards the lovely beach, where you can swim and dine. The emerald waters are sparkling under the hot summer sun, but you will find a nice, comforting shade under the tamarisks.
Try the amazing dishes of one of the most famous taverns of the island, called Lembesis. Local specialties, fresh fish and ouzo by the waves. The magical view is beyond any description.
Insider’s tip: Enjoy your meal after 4pm, when the tavern is less busy.

Platys Gyalos

Platys Gyalos is one of the most popular seaside villages of the island and the homonymous long sandy beach gets very crowded during the summer months. The beach was awarded with EU’s Blue Flag for the quality of the water, its organization and safety.
There are so many places around Platys Gyalos that are definitely worth a visit. On the northern side, the Monastery of Panagia tou Vounou (built in 1813) imposes the landscape and enjoys the panoramic view of the bay.
On the northeast side, visitors will discover the White Tower, one of the 55 famous ancient towers of the island.
Just outside the bay of Platys Gyalos, the uninhabited islet of Kitriani hosts the church of Panagia Kyprini, which was built between the 10th and the 11th century.
The area has numerous hotels and rooms to let, all facing the water, mini markets, restaurants and taverns, ATMs, a car rental agency and a folk art shop.

Eat & Drink
TYPE: Bar - Restaurant,   STYLE: Fresh Fish & Seafood
Location: Apollonia

TYPE: Café & Bar,   STYLE: Cafeteria
Location: Apollonia

TYPE: Bar,   STYLE: Cocktails Bar
Location: Apollonia

TYPE: Sweets House,   STYLE: Waffles & Ice cream
Location: Apollonia

TYPE: Restaurant,   STYLE: Traditional Greek Cuisine
Location: Apollonia

TYPE: Restaurant,   STYLE: Traditional Greek Cuisine
Location: Apollonia

TYPE: Taverna,   STYLE: Traditional Greek Cuisine
Location: Apollonia

TYPE: Taverna,   STYLE: Traditional Greek Cuisine
Location: Apollonia

TYPE: Bar,   STYLE: Alternative
Location: Agia Marina

TYPE: Taverna,   STYLE: Traditional Greek Cuisine
Location: Chryssopigi

TYPE: Taverna,   STYLE: Traditional Greek Cuisine
Location: Kastro

Practical info
General Info

Sifnos has an excellent climate, admired and mentioned by most historians and travelers. The summer months are splendid and sunny, while the winter is mild with few rainfalls and rare snowfalls. Northern winds are common, while during the month of August the famous “meltemia” create a divine summer breeze.

The area code for Sifno is (0030) 22840, which is then followed by a 5 digit number (e.g. 22840 xxxxx). To call abroad the country’s national prefix (i.e. UK is 0044, GER is 049) must be dialed first followed by with the area code and number.


Euro €
Euro Coins: 1 and 2 euro coins (gold and silver color) 10, 20 and 50 cents (gold color) 1, 2 and 5 cents (copper color) 1 euro = 100 cents/centimes
Euro Bank Notes: come in 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500. It is not always easy to receive change from 200 and 500 euro notes.

Getting there


There is only one port in the island of Sifnos located in islands capital; Kamares.
As there is no civil airport in Sifnos, travelers can only access the island by boat and/or by helicopter as there is a helipad on site.
During the summer (April-October),, there are daily itineraries of both high speed and conventional boats. However, during the winter (November-March),, only conventional boats connect Sifnos with Piraeus. Additionally, mostly during the high season, several boats connect Sifnos to other Cycladic islands such as Serifos, Folegandros, Kythnos, Milos, Ios, Santorini and Crete.    
The high speed boat takes about 3-3.5 hours to reach Sifnos from Piraeus, while the conventional boat takes about 5 hours.  
Hellenic Speedways (high speed boats): For accurate timetables and tickets visit the Hellenic Seaways website at www.hellenicseaways.gr.
Aegean Speedlines (high speed boats): For accurate timetables and tickets costs visit the Aegean Speedlines website at www.aegeanspeedlines.gr
Zante Ferries (conventional boats): For accurate timetables and tickets costs visit the website of Zante Ferries at www.zanteferries.gr
Ventouris Sea Lines (conventional boats): For accurate timetables and tickets visit the Ventouris Sea Lines website at www.ventouris.gr.

Local Transportation


The island’s 12 villages are regularly interconnected during the summer months with 4 public buses.
KTEL Sifnos: +30 22840 31925


The are 10 cabs offered on the island. As there is no headquarter or central location, all cabs can be reached via phone (see below). It is recommended to discuss the fare beforehand thus avoiding any ‘unpleasant surprises’. Please note: while cabs can be hailed, the driver has the right to not stop if he has received a call.

Anapliotis:      +30 22840 31656 & 6944 696409
Chrysogelos:     +30 22840 33570 & 6944 900972
Depastas:     +30 22840 31295 & 6932 403485
Diaremes:     +30 22840 31719 & 6944 642680
Gerontopoulos: +30 22840 31626 & 6944 444904
Kalogirou:    +30 22840 31661 & 6944 742652
Karavis:     +30 22840 31173 & 6944 936111
Koulouris:     +30 22840 31473 & 6973 209720
Komis:         +30 22840 31777 & 6944 761210
Mytilineos:    +30 2284031216

There are many car rental agencies on the island, mainly located in Apollonia (Kamares port), but also in Artemida. It is recommended to book ahead especially, during the months of July and August (high season) or during popular holidays like Ash Monday, Easter and around the 28th of October.  

It is essential drivers are 21+ years old and hold a valid driving license. Insurance is optional. Make sure to check the condition of the car beforehand before signing and ensure the vehicle is returned in the same condition with the initial amount of gas otherwise there will be a damage charge.
Be careful. No agency should withhold your driving license or ID card. These can only be photocopied, if necessary, and then delivered back to you. You should carry them at all times.

The road network in Sifnos is decent there are, some small dangerous and steep cliffs and with abrupt turns. Along with the dangerous roads, some roads are often crossed by animals and/or pedestrians in the middle of nowhere. Additionally, there are few narrow streets, where only one car can fit, so you need to be extra careful, patient and anticipate surprises. Reminder: Do not violate the speed limits.

Same rules apply in case you are interested in renting a motorcycle or a scooter. Only in this case you need to be extra careful and always wear a helmet.

Car rental agencies
F & S – Apollonia:             +30 22840 31795
Apollo – Apollonia:             +30 22840 33333
Elmar – Kamares:             +30 22840 31040
1ο Moto car rental – Kamares:         +30 22840 33791
Podotas Group – Kamares:        +30 22840 33081 – 22840 33973
Thriftys – Kamares:             +30 22840 33383
Niki Plus- Kamares:             +30 22840 33993
Sifano – Kamares:             +30 22840 33044
Tomaso – Apollonia:             +30 22840 31900
Chrisopigi Travel – Platys Gyalos:     +30 22840 71523
Moto rental agencies
Apollo – Apollonia:             +30 22840 33333
Sifano – Kamares:            +30 22840 33044
Giannis – Apollonia:            +30 22840 31155
1o Moto car rental – Kamares:        +30 22840 33791
Podotas group – Kamares:         +30 22840 33081 – 22840 33973
Νίκη plus- Kamares:            +30 22840 33993

Local Services


The following banks are located in Apollonia:

•    Alpha Bank            +30 22840 33913
•    National Bank of Greece    +30 22840 31317
•    Piraeus Bank            +30 2284033799

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 08.00-14.00

Banks exchange all major currencies, traveler’s cheques or Eurocheques; the commission is always lower for cash. Post offices exchange cash, but not traveler’s cheques, and usually charge lower commissions than banks. Travel agencies and larger hotels exchange cash and traveler’s cheques but usually charge a higher commission. Banknote exchange machines can be found in most tourist areas.


The Greek post is called ELTA. Post Boxes in Greece are YELLOW and usually divided into international and domestic. RED Post Boxes are rarer and are used for URGENT mail. REGISTERED mail is handled by an employee and the customer should always be given a receipt.
Post office in Sifnos: +30 22840 31329

In case of an unfortunate incident happens to you or someone else while on the island, do not hesitate to file a report to the local police station. Additionally, if you have any problem with your accommodation you can also report it to the police.

Tel.: +30 22840 31210


Tel.: +30 22840 31345 – 22840 33880

Useful Numbers

•    Municipality of Sifnos Tourism Information: +30 22840 31977
•    Tourist Police: +30 22840 31210
•    Port authority: +30 22840 33617
•    Weather Forecast: www.meteo.gr

•    Police: 100
•    Fire Department: 199
•    Ambulance: 166


•    Clinic: +30 22840 31315
•    Dentist’s Office - Makarona: +30 22840 & Papaggeletou: +30 22840 32004


•    Fotiadis Ioakeim: +30 22840 33033 (Apollonia)
•    Vavritsas Konstantinos: +30 22840 33541 (Apollonia)

A picturesque hideaway with a breathtaking view
Location:Faros, A beautiful seaside village with 3 sandy consecutive beaches.

The seaside village of Faros combines history, amazing view and 3 beautiful consecutive sandy beaches (Faros, Fasolou and Glyfos). Picturesque churches, mines, an old lighthouse and ancient monuments. This place actually has everything! Enjoy!

A beautiful naturally protected cove, with emerald, shallow waters
Location:Vathy, Very easy access by car. Also hosts the biggest luxury hotel of the island.

Vathy is a very upscale beach, since the village itself hosts the biggest luxury hotel of the island, that has been chosen by many politicians and celebrities. The beach is long, sandy, with shallow waters. There are also 3 taverns with excellent food. The cove of Vathy is also very popular among the sailing aficionados, since it's naturally protected.

A fully organized crystal clear beach
Location:Platys Gyalos, Very easy access by car

Platys Gyalos is actually one of the longest sandy beaches of Cyclades. It's also a popular resort with many hotels, rooms to let, a market, water sports, ATMs, ample parking and a relaxing ambiance. The beach has been awarded with EU's Blue Flag and it's very well organized.

A secluded, cozy paradise with a fabulous view
Location:Chryssopigi, A beautiful peninsula with one of the most famous churches of the Aegean

The beach of Chryssopigi is small, cozy and beautiful. It has many tamarisks that provide excellent shade during the hot summer months. One of the best taverns of the island is located there and it's ideal for a traditional meal after a dip in the emerald waters.

Amazing long sandy beach with emerald waters
Location:Kamares, Right by the port

Kamares is by far the best beach of the island and has been awarded for many consecutive years with EU's Blue Flag for the water quality, the organization and safety. It's a long, sandy beach and has shallow waters that are warm throughout the day. Ideal for families, but also for friends and couples, since it's never too crowded.


Local Specialties & Recipes

Sifnos is the birthplace of many famous Greek chefs. The cuisine is delicious and features many traditional delicacies, usually cooked with fresh, local ingredients and spices. One of the secrets of the local cuisine is that Sifnians usually cook in clay pots and this explains the rich flavor of every dish. The sweets are also mouthwatering, while one of their mutual secret ingredients is the locally produced thyme honey. This is pure Aegean culinary delight!

Sifnos local specialties
The first thing you should try while on the island is the famous “mastelo”- lamb cooked in a traditional clay pot. The lamb is especially tender and it’s usually served with potatoes or rice.
Other local specialties are: revithokeftedes (from chickpea), caper salad and string beans with garlic sauce.
Seek the local thyme honey. It’s known for its purity, excellent quality, aroma and exquisite taste.  
Sifnos is also known for its cheese varieties. Try the xinomizithra, usually served in the Greek salad, as in almost every Cycladic island, the chloromanoura, which is used as the basic ingredient for the traditional Sifnian honey-pie, and the spicy manoura, which is truly unique.

Sifnos bakery & confectionery
Sifnos is famous for its bakery and confectionery delicacies, as well as for its local recipes. Amazing cookies, loukoumades, biscuits, marzipans, pasteli and so many more sweet tastes will definitely delight you.
Discover every different flavor in one of the numerous traditional pastry shops around the island, but mainly in Apollonia and Artemonas.

Local Products

no results


Sifnos is the island of tradition and its inhabitants religiously preserve all the customs  inherited from their ancestors. Local events are usually connected to religious holidays, but not necessarily. All of the 360 churches of the island celebrate the name of their individual patron Saint, one day in advance. Everybody is invited in the church’s front yard where wine and food are served. These are unique celebrations and the locals do their best to impress visitors, their friends and families with their meals.
Below you can see the most important “panigiria” taking place in the island of Sifnos.
May or June: Panagia Chrysopigi (in the homonymous church/monastery) with food, singing and dancing until the small hours
July 19th: Profitis Elias (many monasteries are celebrating)
July 26th: Agios Panteleimnon in Heronissos
August 14th: Virgin Mary. This is the biggest religious holiday of the Greek summer. Many churches and monasteries are celebrating around Sifnos
August 28th: Agios Ioannis in Faros
August 31st: Agios Symeon in Kamares
September 5th: Taxiarhis in Vathy
September 6th: Agios Sozon
September 8th: Sacred Monastery of Virgin Mary in Exampela
September 13th: Stavrou in Faros and in Honi
September 14th: Agios Nikitas in Seladi

Cycladia Tips

Sifnos is a unique island of high aesthetics, warm hospitality and upscale ambiance. The island is very popular amongst Greek and international visitors, usually above the age of 30, so do not expect crazy nightlife. The majority of visitors are well travelled, with high economic and social status and enjoy the good life.

A destination to relax

Sifnos may not be the home of nightclubs but you will be surprised to discover an array of unique bars, scattered in Kamares, Apollonia and Artemonas. You will find many cozy little bars along the main street of Apollonia where you can sip a delicious cocktail under the stars and watch the passer-bys while listening to smooth lounge music. The atmosphere is easy-going and fun for the lounge ambience aficionados.

Best local dish

Sifnos is the birthplace of Tselementes, a famous Greek chef. The island boasts an exquisite local cuisine. The most famous dish is “mastelo” (lamb) served in almost every traditional tavern. Try the mastelo served in Okyalos (Apollonia) and in Lembesis (Panagia Chryssopigi).

The best sailboat docking spot

It’s definitely better to rent a car and drive around the island, since there are lots of places of special interest and unique beauty. Visit the serene, secluded cove of Vathy where the biggest hotel complex of the island is located, Elies. Many politicians, academics and foreign celebrities choose this place, because of its privacy, high quality services, luxurious bungalows and the beautiful, long, sandy beach. There are three traditional taverns here. Insider’s tip: Try the one in the middle! Service is kinda slow, but the food is really good.

Best beach

Of all the beaches, Kamares is by far the best. There is ample parking space in several locations; the water is shallow,warm and crystal clear and the golden sand is always sparkling under the hot sun! The waters are especially warm after 2pm. It’s never windy, because the port is naturally protected and surrounded by high mountains and it has tens of tamarisks that offer a much needed shade! If you prefer an organized beach, seek for an umbrella and a sun-bed at the very end, close to the main road that starts from the port towards Apollonia and the rest of the island’s villages.

Shops & Galleries

Local Ceramic products
Sifnos is well known for its ceramic tradition. There used to be hundreds of potters on the island, however few remain until today. If you rent a car and drive around, you will see many shops, not just in Apollonia and Artemonas, but also in isolated locations. Check them out. You will find amazing kitchenware, as well as decorative items in various forms, sizes and colors.
Jewelry shops
There are many jewelry shops in the island, mainly located in Apollonia, on the main street. See up close some unique creations in gold and silver!
Souvenir & clothes shops
Finally, there are many shops offering clothes, souvenirs, folk art and decorative objects, scattered all over the island.

Ceramics Atsonios www.ceramicsatsonios.gr
Tel.: 22840 71119 Vathy

Ceramics Antonis Kalogirou
Tel.: 22840 31651 Kamares

Ceramics Simos Apostolidis  
Tel.: 22840 71258 Pl. Gyalos

Super market Xidis www.xidis.com.gr
Tel.: 22840 31217 Apollonia

Katerina Gift shop www.sifnos-katerina.gr
Tel.: 22840 31135 Apollonia
Kikladon Horos

A newly established “multispace” in the heart of Apollonia, consisting of a café bar, a fishfood restaurant, a cocktail bar, an art gallery and shops.
The Rampagas café bar is open daily from early in the morning till late in the evening, inviting guests to enjoy a delightful breakfast or a soothing drink in the chill out ambience with international music. Feggaropsaro Fish Restaurant offers a variety of delicious dishes and fresh fish accompanied by an eclectic range of Greek and foreign wines. Chemistry Cocktail Bar is the vibrating spot in the sounds of the d.j. set’s beats.

For art lovers, Giomisti Kefali Gallery is currently nestled in an old traditional mansion house surrounded by 4.500 m2 of trees and lush vegetation. The Gallery is an actual sanctuary honoring the Greek artist Nikos Gaitis, with its popular wood sculpture dominating in the building’s yard. The concept behind Giomistio Kefali is that art should be expanded all over the world, being not only a privilege of professional artists, but also amateurs or apprentices.
Finally, in Kikladon Horos guests can wander around the shopping area and the charming Biba store, offering a vast variety of garments, shoes and accessories for women, distinguished by their high quality. Or just make a virtual journey through worldwide civilizations in Ena Mikro Taksidi store and the unique, traditional accessories and decorative items you will find in here!


Τ:+30 22840 32211 (Rampagas)
Τ:+30 22840 32215 (Feggaropsaro)
Τ:+30 22840 33226 (Giomisti Kefali)
Τ:+30 22840 32280 (Biba)
Τ:+30 22840 33780 (Ena Mikro Taksidi)
F:+30 22840 32226