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TYPE: Pebble beach
Location: Corinth, Kiato
TYPE: Pebble beach
Location: Corinth, Vrahati
TYPE: Non-organised beach
Location: Corinth, Korfos
TYPE: Pebble beach
Location: Corinth, Stomio
TYPE: Family friendly
Location: Corinth, Loutra Oraias Elenis
TYPE: Non-organised beach
Location: Corinth, Lechaio
TYPE: Sandy beach
Location: Corinth, Pefkakia
TYPE: Pebble beach
Location: Corinth, Loutraki

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Swim in Corinth
Corinth beach guide, Peloponnese
The beaches of the prefecture of Corinthia are all situated at such a short distance from Athens and yet they could be the shores of an island! With crystal clear waters, amazing natural beauty and diversified morphologies the best beaches in Corinth, Greece, are heavenly and easily approachable.

In most cases, they are not organized beaches, but they offer many amenities. Beaches like Loutraki, Xylokasto, Kiato and Agioi Theodoroi are ideal for a one-day excursion, especially for families. All information on the beaches around Corinth is included in the Swim section featuring a helpful beaches’ map!

Best Beaches in Corinth, Greece
The Saronic Gulf Sea and the Corinth Gulf Sea are not only considered two of Greece’s most easy-to-reach bays but also boast some gorgeous beaches.
Both gulfs have coasts in the Peloponnese and Attica, but the beaches located in the prefecture of Corinth (Korinth) are truly dazzling! Some are isolated and tranquil, like Schinos, while others like Loutraki are organized beaches and have a cosmopolitan character. The majority of beaches in the Saronic Gulf Sea are surrounded by bars and fish taverns, serving Greece’s traditional seafood dishes.
A complete beaches’ map available online, brings Corinth’s paradise shores only a click away!