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TYPE: Secluded & tranquil
Location: Lesvos, Melinda
TYPE: Sandy beach
Location: Lesvos, Sigri
TYPE: Sandy beach
Location: Lesvos, Gera

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Swim in Lesvos

Lesvos Beach Guide

Whether looking for serene isolated beaches or for lively organized beaches, Lesvos in the North Aegean, Greece, has it all. Visitors may choose between the amenities of Petra, Vatera or Skala Eressos, and the tranquility of Eftalou. No matter what the choice, the easiest way to make it is through the comprehensive Lesvos beaches’ Map, available in Cycladia.

Not only it includes the best beaches in Lesvos, Greece, but it also provides information on distances and services offered. The Lesvos Beach Guide is more than just a guide; it is a swimming itinerary planner!

Best Beaches in Lesvos, Greece
There are quite a few places in Greece where dolphins approach boats and swimmers and play or swim with them. This unique experience is common in the North Aegean Islands of Greece, like Lesvos. Lesvos visitors swimming in Tsonia often admire a free dolphin show!

On the other hand, Lesvos hosts gorgeous organized beaches in all parts of the island: Vatera in the south, Petra in the north or Skala Eressos in the west. The best beaches in Lesvos, Greece, are now only a click away at the new online beaches’ map of this stunning island of the North Aegean.