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TYPE: Organised beach
Location: Skopelos, Panormos
TYPE: Non-organised beach
Location: Skopelos, Glossa

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Skopelos beach guide

Skopelos features some of the most beautiful beaches in Sporades Islands and probably in Greece. The tranquility and unique morphology of private beaches, like Adrina, and the forests surrounding even organized beaches, like Stafylos or Panormos, certainly prove why. 

The new Skopelos Beach Guide includes a complete list of the best beaches in Skopelos, Greece, and serves as an inclusive beaches’ map for the gorgeous island of Skopelos. 

Visitors of this online guide may be amazed to find out the numerous private beaches of Skopelos Island, in Sporades, Greece, most of which are accessible by boat or via small and difficult paths. 

Best Beaches in Skopelos, Greece

Travelers aiming to discover the best beaches in Skopelos, Greece, will definitely be served by this new guide, which is much more than a simple Skopelos beaches’ map.

The guide contains information on the beaches’ location, whether they are private or organized beaches, brief descriptions and images for each one of them. 

Wherever appropriate, historical facts or practical tips are also included. This guide certainly proves that the dazzling beaches of Skopelos enhance Greece’s and the Sporades Islands’ reputation for their amazing coasts.