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Captain Yiannis Hotel
CATEGORY: Apartments ,   STYLE: Rooms Apartments, Seaside Resort
Location: Ithaca, Vathy
Katrine Apartments
CATEGORY: Apartments ,   STYLE: Rooms Apartments, Traditional
Location: Ithaca, Vathy
Daphnae Cottage
CATEGORY: Apartments ,   STYLE: Traditional, Villas
Location: Ithaca, Exoghi
Villa Kalos
CATEGORY: Villas & Mansions,   STYLE: Luxury, Traditional, Villas
Location: Ithaca, Lahos
Omirikon Residence
CATEGORY: Suites & Villas,   STYLE: Beach, Design, Suites
Location: Ithaca, Vathy

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Stay in Ithaca

Best Hotels in Ithaca, Greece

Ithaca is an island that offers an authentic holiday experience and, as such, it offers a great number of hotel accommodation options varying from fine rooms, apartments and studios to a few boutique, luxury hotels for the more demanding ones, all of them respecting the island’s architecture and traditional elements.
Vathy is one of the best places to stay in Ithaca gathering also some of the best hotels in Ithaca all in accordance with the natural environment either high up the hills or lower by the town’s port.

Luxury Hotel Accommodation in Ithaca
Ithaca is an exception to all Greek resorts and travel destinations in Greece: all buildings, either houses, restaurants or hotels, have maintained the traditional architecture and style of the island giving the impression that you are in small fishing villages of the past.
You will find a great variety of charming rooms, studios and apartments in some of the best places to stay in Ithaca, Greece, like Kioni or Frikes while in Vathy there are also a few boutique hotels offering a more upgraded variety of rooms and studios.
Cycladia offers you in its Stay section for Ithaca, Ionian Islands, a carefully selected hotel accommodation list with the best hotels in Ithaca and the best places to stay in Ithaca for your convenience and the best holiday in the Ionian Islands, Greece!