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CATEGORY: 4 star,   STYLE: Suites
Location: Naxos, Agios Prokopios
Starting price per night
210.00 €
Delona Villa
CATEGORY: Suites & Villas,   STYLE: Luxury, Villas
Location: Naxos, Aleomandra
Starting price per night
170.00 €
Hotel Finikas
CATEGORY: 4 star,   STYLE: Beach, Luxury, Rooms Apartments, Seaside Resort, Suites
Location: Naxos, Pirgaki
Starting price per night
140.00 €
Nissaki Beach Hotel
CATEGORY: 4 star,   STYLE: Beach, Boutique, Luxury, Seaside Resort, Suites
Location: Naxos, Agios Georgios
Starting price per night
120.00 €
CATEGORY: 4 star,   STYLE: Boutique, Luxury, Spa, Suites
Location: Naxos, Agios Prokopios
Starting price per night
77.00 €
CATEGORY: 4 star,   STYLE: Beach, Boutique, Seaside Resort, Spa, Suites
Location: Naxos, Agia Anna
Starting price per night
70.00 €


Stay in Naxos

Holidays in Naxos Island

Being the largest of the Cyclades Islands in Greece, located at the heart of the Aegean Sea, Naxos Island is a blessed land chosen by the Gods Dionysus and Apollo. Bearing a great history marked by pirate invasions and Venetian conquests that brought to Naxos Island a unique combination of different cultures and traditions, Naxos has managed to travel though time, developing a distinguished character in the Cyclades Islands. Naxos is among the preferred holiday destinations for visitors looking for something beyond refreshing and fun holidays, since it offers amongst the greatest sightseeing experience in Greece.

Best Places to stay in Naxos Island

With a great sense of hospitality, offering a large variety of hotel accommodation whether you are looking for traditional rooms or contemporary luxury suites, Naxos Island is amongst the best summer destinations in Greece.

The island provides its visitors with unforgettable holiday experiences through its numerous beaches, but also its mainland villages, such as the village of Apiranthos.

Cycladia presents you the best places to stay in Naxos Island and guides you through a carefully selected list of the best hotel accommodation featuring rooms and suites for every taste and need. From Naxos main town Hora which includes the famous Portara with the remains of god Apollo temple, to the island's picturesque villages and sea side settlements, find the best places to stay in Naxos, either you visit Naxos Island for a romantic getaway, either for holidays with friends or family. Also, brilliantly nestled in the beautiful scenery of the island, Naxos villas are an option for those seeking private luxury holidays.

Best Hotels in Naxos Greece

Through our selection of the best hotels in Naxos Island, you will find a wealth of hotel accommodation catering for every need in almost every village or sea settlement of the Cycladic Island. Cycladia's extensive research to list the best hotels in Naxos provides you with a large choice of rooms and suites accommodation, mostly located in Naxos Hora and its enchanting environment surrounded by Venetian mansion houses and the monument of Portara.

Whether you are looking for luxury accommodation featuring suites of ultimate privacy and personalized services or you wish to stay in a traditional guesthouse offering picturesque rooms of local architecture, we invite you to browse our listing of the best hotels in Naxos Island and find the hotel accommodation of your dreams.