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Patmos Castle
CATEGORY: Suites & Villas,   STYLE: Luxury, Villas
Location: Patmos, Skala
Starting price per night
1350.00 €
Stone Villa
CATEGORY: Villas & Mansions,   STYLE: Luxury, Traditional, Villas
Location: Patmos, Patmos Town
Starting price per night
975.00 €
Petra Hotel & Suites
CATEGORY: 3 star,   STYLE: Boutique, Luxury, Suites
Location: Patmos, Grikos
Starting price per night
195.00 €
Patmos Aktis Suites and Spa Hotel
CATEGORY: 5 star,   STYLE: Beach, Luxury, Spa, Suites
Location: Patmos, Grikos
Starting price per night
141.00 €
9 Muses
CATEGORY: 4 star,   STYLE: Boutique, Resort, Traditional
Location: Patmos, Patmos Town
Starting price per night
100.00 €
Le Balcon
CATEGORY: Apartments ,   STYLE: Beach, Rooms Apartments
Location: Patmos, Plorissontas
Starting price per night
60.00 €
Silver Beach
CATEGORY: 2 star,   STYLE: Beach, Traditional
Location: Patmos, Grikos
Starting price per night
46.20 €


Stay in Patmos

Best Places to Stay in Patmos

Where to stay is among the most important decisions when planning a holiday. Cycladia presents the best hotels in Patmos for couples, the best places to stay in Patmos for comfortable family accommodation and even sublime hotels offering luxury rooms and suites.

Cycladia’s guide for hotels and accommodation on Patmos Island, a top destination in the Dodecanese, Greece, includes not only simple hotel rooms but goes up to family Patmos villas and luxury suites ideal for romantic accommodation for couples.

So, this is the right place to look for the best hotels in Patmos, based on accommodation quality and individualized character. All information regarding a wonderful stay at Patmos Island is now online by Cycladia.

Luxury Holidays in Patmos Island

Planning luxury holidays often requires the collaboration of a travel consultant. But not anymore!

Through the new Patmos Stay guide by Cycladia, travelers may acquire all the necessary information to select their hotel or suites’ and villas’ resort on Patmos Island, Greece.

Moreover, the guide includes suggestions for couples and family accommodation in some of the best hotels in Patmos, presenting thoroughly each one of the properties according to its unique atmosphere. Patmos Island stands out in the Dodecanese with its strong spiritual character and this genuine aura is also reflected in its hotels.

The best hotels in Patmos are now all at the same place: Cycladia