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TYPE: Bar,   STYLE: Rock Music
Location: Ios, Ios Hora

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Eat & Drink In Ios

Best places to eat in Ios

Ios Island’s Town, called Hora, is by far the busiest place on the island offering its visitors the best places to eat in Ios, including a vast variety of restaurants and taverns. Amongst the traditional cubic white and blue houses and paved narrows, you will discover a wealth of Ios restaurants alternatives for dining in Ios.

Next to Hora, the sea side settlement of Mylopotas Beach is also a favorite destination for dining in Ios which gathers a great number of Ios restaurants. Eat local delicacies by the beach in traditional restaurants or fish taverns while gazing at the endless blue sea or gourmet Mediterranean dishes in the most unique Ios restaurants! 
Dining in Ios can be a delightful experience when using Cycladia’s suggestions for the best places to eat in Ios.

Ios Restaurants

Travel with Cycladia through a journey of tastes in the best places to eat in Ios and discover the best of Ios restaurants.
As a typical Cycladic Island, Ios Island offers a great variety of local products and delicacies to its guest. Figuring among the principal local specialties, Ios’ cheeses will delight your taste and make you take a specimen home with you. If you are a sweets’ lover, do not forget to try the xerotigana or amygdalota (marzipans). For local recipies, we suggest the famous revithokeftedes and the tsimetia.

Ios Nightlife & best bars in Ios

Ios is one of the most famous islands in Greece when it comes to nightlife and parties. Ios nightlife is distinguished by an extensive array of bars and clubs. Most of the best bars in Ios are located around the main square of Ios Hora, where one can feel the vibrant mood filling the atmosphere.
But Ios nightlife is not limited to Hora. You can find several of the best bars in Ios in Mylopotas Beach, one of the most organized spots of the island. 
Cycladia is here to provide you with its suggestions for the best bars in Ios. The only thing to do is to get prepared for an endless night dash!