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TYPE: Restaurant,   STYLE: Traditional Greek Cuisine
Location: Lesvos, Petra
TYPE: Taverna,   STYLE: Fresh Fish & Seafood
Location: Lesvos, Molivos
The Woman's Co-Operative
TYPE: Restaurant,   STYLE: Modern Meze & Local Delicacies
Location: Lesvos, Petra
TYPE: Restaurant,   STYLE: Traditional Greek Cuisine
Location: Lesvos, Petra
Sarandos Cafe Bar
TYPE: Café & Bar,   STYLE: Cafeteria
Location: Lesvos, Anaksos
TYPE: Restaurant,   STYLE: Mediterranean & International Cuisine
Location: Lesvos, Mithimna
TYPE: Restaurant,   STYLE: Italian cuisine
Location: Lesvos, Mithimna
Vafios Tavern
TYPE: Taverna,   STYLE: Traditional Greek Cuisine
Location: Lesvos, Vafios

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Eat & Drink in Lesvos

Best Places to Eat in Lesvos

Lesvos Island in the North Aegean, Greece, has an interesting cuisine, emphasizing on dishes that accompany ouzo. Although Mytilene hosts the vast majority of taverns and dining choices, some of the island’s best restaurants are located in picturesque villages, while fish taverns and popular bars are spread across beautiful beaches.

However, Lesvos’ most vibrant bars and clubs are situated around Mytilene’s port. All the best places to eat in Lesvos and the hottest nightlife spots are accessible in the new fresh online Eat & Drink Guide by Cycladia!   

Nightlife in Lesvos

Greece’s visitors often believe that the country’s best restaurants, clubs and dining venues are located in metropolitan cities; the gastronomy of the North Aegean Islands like Lesvos comes to prove them wrong. In reality, a seafood dish served in the mainland cannot match the taste of fresh seafood served in fish taverns of the islands, and as such, the North Aegean Islands too.

The best places to eat in Lesvos are comparable to the best restaurants of any Greek city, whereas the vibrant parties organized in the island’s bars and clubs are really not-to-be-misses. Discover Lesvos’ pulse in the online guide of Lesvos’ best restaurants, taverns, and fine dining proposals!