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TYPE: Bar,   STYLE: Alternative
Location: Sifnos, Agia Marina
TYPE: Taverna,   STYLE: Traditional Greek Cuisine
Location: Sifnos, Chryssopigi
TYPE: Taverna,   STYLE: Traditional Greek Cuisine
Location: Sifnos, Kastro

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Eat & Drink In Sifnos

Best places to eat in Sifnos

Exquisite Dining and Nightlife in Sifnos 


Sifnos Island is famous for its gastronomical delicacies.  Nikos Tselementes, the influential world famous Greek chef born in Sifnos, started a gastronomical legacy that continues until today.  The calm nightlife is also an attraction for those who seek romantic summer nights.  Cycladia’s guide for Sifnos Island uncovers not only the best places to eat, but also the best bars in Sifnos . So prepare your senses for what is yet to come…


Best Places to Eat in Sifnos Island


Sifnos famous cuisine is a worldwide legend and it is true! Wander through the Apollonia main alley and pick one of the numerous restaurants alluring you to discover Sifnos cuisine’s delicious secrets.  Baking food in a clay pot is the prevalent way of cooking in Sifnos, producing a number of delicacies such as the famous “mastelo”, which is lamb with herbs baked in the oven in a clay pot.  Don’t miss the well-known “Revithada” (from chickpea), traditionally cooked every Sunday.  For the sea food lovers, Cycladia suggests the unique tasting experience in Kamares, famous for the fresh fish and lobster pasta.


Best Bars in Sifnos


The nightlife in Sifnos Island is as warm and calm as its inhabitants. Though you will not find great nightclubs here there are, however many bars, each one draped with a unique character, scattered mainly in Apollonia. You can also find some of the best bars in Sifnos in Kamares and Artemonas, enhancing the relaxed, cosmopolitan atmosphere of the island with lounge music and exceptional drinks. 


Visit Cycladia Travel Guide for the best restaurants and best bars in Sifnos Island, Greece and get a first taste of Greek summer nights in the Cycladic Sifnos Island.