Aegina Cycladia Tips

Useful tips for a Pleasant Stay

The sun is very intense in Greece in summer and especially in August. Try to avoid the direct exposure for extended periods of time, especially from 11.00 to 16.00 when the sun rays are on their peak.

You should be very careful when you drive a car or a motorbike because the roads usually are not well maintained and they are often narrow and winding.

Wild Life Centre
You should visit the Hellenic wildlife centre which is located in the region of Metohi, only 10km away from the port of Aegina. A great number of rescued animals, especially birds, in a shelter operated mostly by volunteers and animal lovers.
Tel.: +30 22970 31338 / +30 22970 28367
Email: [email protected]

Aphaia Temple
The temple of Aphaia is definitely a must-visit even for those who are not fans of archeological sites. You will be surprised by the magical view of the Saronic sea expanding in all directions and you can even see Piraeus in the background and cape Sounio on days when the atmosphere is clear.

Moni Islet
During summer season, when the routes are frequent, visiting Moni Islet which is located right opposite the port of Perdika could be a great experience.

Summer Stroll to Agia Marina
During your visit to Aegina, find some time to visit the picturesque settlement of Agia Marina and have a stroll to its seaside alleys. If you wish to have a swim away from crowds and love diving and snorkeling, the eastern part of the settlement, “Deksameni” is the best place to go. There you can have a nice swim in the transparent, emerald waters and they sunbathe on one of the flat, white huge rocks of the area overlooking the sea.

Visit Perdika
The small fishing village of Perdika is located near the port of Aegina (at about 20’ by car) and it consists in a picturesque sea-front settlement with whitewashed paved alleys and small taverns and cafes right on the seaside. The small port of Perdika usually hosts various yachts, sailing boats and small fishing boats. Visit Perdika before sunset and have a coffee or a drink at one of the seaside cafes gazing at the sun that dives into the horizon.

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