Alonissos Cycladia Tips

Useful tips for a Pleasant Stay
Alonissos is an island that boasts many deserted islands with beautiful beaches all around it. Since it is most likely that guests will visit those isolated beaches by boat, they should make provisions for water, snacks, sunscreen and hats. 

In addition, visitors should be aware that the nights at the Aegean Islands are chilly due to the winds and the relatively high humidity. So, a light jacket always comes handy.

Finally, sometimes visitors will need to walk down a path in order to arrive in a heavenly beach. Therefore flat/athletic shoes are needed, which will also be very useful when walking around the narrow paved streets of Old Alonissos Town or when hiking.

Various tips
Prearrange a taxi appointment 
Since there are only four taxis available on the island, travelers who wish to use one should definitely contact the taxi services by phone and make an appointment.

Boat tickets should be pre-booked
Since there is a large demand during the summer months, travelers should book in advance their boat tickets. Also, by pre-booking tickets can be bought at a lower price.

Prefer calm beaches when it is windy
The Aegean Sea is often very windy, especially in August due to the seasonal winds (“meltemia”). Therefore, visitors should prefer beaches that offer a natural shelter and have calm waters, like Mikros Mourtias, Megalos Mourtias, and Marpounda at the southern part of the island. 

Trekking is a must!
Alonissos’ nature is wonderful and, especially, the northern part of the island is almost untouched by the human hand. Visitors have the opportunity to get in touch with nature and explore the beauties of this magical island by walking around it either on their own or by participating in organized walking/hiking tours of the island.

Take a boat trip and explore the caves
Around Alonissos, on the island itself and on other deserted islands around it, there are gorgeous rocky beaches and many of them offer some interesting caves. It would be a pity for any traveler that has visited Alonissos not to explore this amazing morphologic natural treasure. 

Scuba diving
Alonissos is a heaven on earth with its crystal clear waters and scuba diving is allowed and organized in some beaches, like Chrysi Milia, Gyalia and Vrysitsa. Those who have explored the Alonissos’ sea bed will definitely remember it for a lifetime! 

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