Alonissos Events

Carnival Events
Many carnival events are organized in late February or early March on the last Sunday of the Carnival season, including a masquerades’ parade, dancing and partying.


Kalogianneia festival
In early May, the “Kalogianneia festival take place” in honour of the Island’s benefactor Anastasios Kalogiannis. They include sports and cultural events, which are organized in the premises of the High School-Lyceum of Alonissos. 

Folk Dance
A folk dance evening is held on May 26 every year, with the participation of the Alonissos folk dancing group.


In early June, during the last three years a marathon has been organized attracting athletes from all over the world. Moreover, a special marathon for the disabled is organized annually.


Fisherman’s Evening
A fisherman’s evening is organized on June 16, which includes free wine and food, live music and dancing. 

Representation of Wheat Threshing
In July, the Representation of Wheat Threshing is held in Old Alonissos. This is an open air event, during which the traditional way of threshing the wheat is represented with the use of mules. The celebration is completed with live music and dancing. 

Traditional Wedding
The Revival of a Traditional Alonissos’ Wedding is held in Old Alonissos on August 14, with traditional costumes called “morka”, live music and dancing. 

Religious Feasts
On August 15 the religious feast of Virgin Mary is held, which is celebrated in Old Alonissos with wine, food and dancing. On September 8 the religious celebration of the Birthday of Virgin Mary takes place on the Monastery of Kyra Panagia on the homonymous island, with the participation of monks arriving on this little island by boats straight from Mount Athos. Other religious feasts celebrated with food and live music include the feast of Saint Paraskevi on July 26, the feast of Saint George either on April 23 or right after Easter, and the feast of Saint Konstantinos in a little church in Northern Alonissos.

Other Events
Last but not least, the museums and galleries of Alonissos organize various events, for which visitors may be informed via the Municipality of Alonissos.

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