Chania Cycladia Tips

Cycladia Tips

Crete is literally the blessed land of the Mediterranean consisting in the perfect place for explorations, vacation, culinary experiences and indulgent into a rich history and culture.

Chania in its turn is the most developed and popular part of the island offering countless choices to satisfy every need and taste. Cycladia offers you the most valuable tips to utterly live the experience of holidays in Chania. And of course our first tip is to dedicate more than 10 days to explore what this place has to offer you!

Chania Villages
We strongly advise travelers not to stay within the borders of Chania City but rent a car and have a tour to the traditional, mountainous villages of the entire prefecture. The region of Apokoronas with its deep tradition and its distinctive character will travel you back in time. It is really worth staying in different areas of the prefecture every 2-3 days in order to experience its different sides and diverse natural scenery.

Venizelos Tombs - Koukouvagia
Ascend towards Chania airport and Venizelos tombs and have a drink or coffee in Koukouvagia café, majestically overlooking Chania gulf right below. The panoramic view just gives the sense of “floating” in the air!

Chania Gorges
Dedicate one or two days of your stay to cross Samaria Gorge and also a smaller, wilder one. The natural environment, the serenity of the ambience and the majestic scenery will surely reward your choice!

Sfakia & Surrounding Area
Take a daily excursion or have one night’s stay at Hora Sfakion. You will experience one of the most genuine sides of Crete and have a unique taste of traditional, local delicacies. Do not miss to take the small taxi boat or hire a boat to take you to the surrounding beaches nestled in small, tranquil coves that will just remain unforgettable!

Aradaina Village
Right above Sfakia Hora you will find Aradaina village and Aradain Bridge that unites the two sides of Aradaina Gorge. On Aradaina Bridge you will also have the chance to do bungee jumping in a narrow but exciting dive! Visit the old Aradaina village which has been left to desolate after a deadly incident: the inhabitants of the entire village killed each other within a few hours due to some kind of argument over a dead sheep’s bell. Besides, Cretans are well known for the gravity of their honour and their great love for guns! The village nowadays is full of buildings half collapsing and the scenery is indeed imposing and at the same tie depressing and serene.

Balos Beach
If you decide to visit Balos, mind to take the boat from Kasteil since the road that leads there is pretty bad and it would take you too much time to reach the parking area. In turn, the parking is also rough and may be full too and the descending you will have to do in order to reach the coast is pretty tiring, given that you will also have to ascend it after your swim!

Western Coast Beaches
If you want to visit the western coast magical beaches like Falassarna and Elafonissi mind to do it when the winds blowing are not western too. If not, you will be disappointed since the waves are pretty high, making your swim just impossible, while you will not be able to stand on the coast too due to the sand coming forcefully on your body.

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