Chios Cycladia Tips

Useful Tips for a Pleasant Stay
The fragrant island of Chios, or "Myrovolos Chios" in Greek, is the well-kept secret of the North Aegean. It is an island treasure still hidden through the centuries. The island has a very good transportation infrastructure therefore it is easy to move around and it is well worth touring the entire island.
Water supply in most villages is cut off for a few hours daily especially during the peak summer season so visitors should have arranged for such occasion.

All year destination

Chios is an all year destination with a large number of permanent residents due to the University in the heart of Chora hosting many students every year. The island offers anything you desire, from serenity and seclusion to vibrant nightlife.

The ideal time to visit the island is during spring, when the scent of citrus fruits lures visitors to a realm of the senses, and the summer season, when the sweet summer breeze and the everlasting sun welcome you to immerse in their serene tranquillity. Autumn (September) is also a very good time for Chios as the island is big and it thrives with life while the weather is milder in terms of winds and heat.

Attractions, Fairs & Beach life

Museums and other historical attractions are not open all day long or all days of the week so you should make sure to check the daily timetables before visiting.

Additionally, a must when you visit the island of Chios is to attend one of the local festivals especially the ones during the summer or Vrondados rocket festival during Easter.

Apart from those very interesting and fascinating events, other attractions not-to-be-missed include the unique beach of Emporios, the castle village of Mesta and the exquisite village of Pyrgi. Also, the seafront of Chora’s port is dotted with cafés, restaurants, taverns, bars and clubs and it is one of the best places of the island to socialize. The street of Aplotaria in the heart of the town, besides the central square, is the shopping centre of Chios with all kinds of stores as well as shops with local products.

Finally, the beaches of Komi and Lithi are two of the best beaches on the island for families with children.

And do not forget to visit the monastery of Agios Minas and the Martyrdom of St. Markella….unique sites of imposing beauty and historical importance!

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