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Shops and Galleries

Mastiha Shop
The worldwide renowned Mastiha Shop offers a great variety of Mastiha food products and local goods. It is situated in Chora right by the main port of Chios.
36 Aegaiou Av. Chora, Chios
Tel: 22710-81600

Mastic Spa
Also famous, the Mastic Spa offers a fine selection of cosmetics and hygiene products all made with natural ingredients and mastic. It is located in Chora right by the main port of Chios and there is a second store at Chios Aplotaria, the main commercial street by the central square of Chora.
12 Aegaiou Av. & Aplotarias 25, Chora
Tel: +30 22710 40223
Tel: +30 2271022977

Korakis Traditional Products
Korakis is a traditional shop offering a great variety of local goods including, mastic products, traditional sweet preserves, local liquors and other traditional specialties.
4 Venizelou Str., Chora, Chios
Τel: +30 22710 78577
FAX: +30 22710 77066

Sarantis: The Souvenir Shop of Chios
Situated right by the main port of Chios the store of Sarantis sells all kinds of locally produced and locally crafted products as well as a large range of souvenir gifts.
Aigaiou & Roidou Avenue, Chora, Chios
Tel: +30 2271024224, +30 2271043111
Fax: +30 2271081225

Touri Gallery
Situated in the town of Chios the Touri Gallery offers an impressive collection of paintings, sculptures, woodworks, ceramics, engravings and posters made by Touri Helland, the owner himself, a very talented Norwegian artist, or by other gifted local artists.
40 Mich. Livanou Str., Chora, Chios
Tel: +30 2271042994

Hand Art
This beautiful shop in Armolia features a spectacular collection of handmade gifts and ceramics.
Armolia, Chios
Tel: +3022710 72606, 72693
Email: [email protected]

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