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Pyrgi is one of the most enchanting villages of the island, on the southwest of Chora, worldly renowned for its decorative uniqueness. All houses are painted in grey and white geometrical shapes creating a stunning symphony of shapes and shades. Named after the medieval tower still standing in the heart of the village, this mastic village comprises of stone paved streets filled with colourful flowers and tomatoes that have been hanged to dry, creating a picture-perfect setting for relaxing escapes. The Folklore museum of Pyrgi houses a collection of agricultural tools and handicraft artefacts.

Olympoi village in the southwest of Chios town is distinguished for its spectacular architecture with the conjoined outer walls of the houses forming a fortress when seen from outside. The imposing archways and narrow cobbled streets, the central tower and picturesque churches, as well as the Olympoi Cave with the spectacular stalactites and stalagmites make this village a must see destination when visiting the island of Chios.

Mesta is the castle village of Chios; a fortified medieval village with a giant iron gate that once shut secures the entire village. This quixotic village is a marvel to be seen with its cobbled ring road, the magnificent church of Taxiarxis, the imposing tower and the village square called "Livadi" by the locals. Mesta hosts the island's second port which operates on a regular basis. The village of Mesta gives you the feeling that history and modernity can co-exist creating a mystical ambience of timeless charm.

Chios town or Chora is the island's capital and main port as well as its administrative centre hosting all administrative buildings, the University, a number of neoclassical buildings, structures of Arabic influence and mosques along with the enchanting Genoese villas in Kampos set amidst the fragrant citrus trees. The lively town of Chios is dotted with many cafes, restaurants and bars set along the seaside or at the town's central square. The Archeological, Byzantine & Naval Museum as well as the famous Koraes Library are found in Chora as well. Other sites one should not miss while visiting the town of Chios are the old city remains, the Genoese castle, the public garden, the ancient theatre, the bronze monuments of the unknown soldiers and the statue of Kanaris.

Volissos village in the northwest of Chios town is a picturesque amphitheatrically build village where one can enjoy the serene ambience and visit the ruins of the medieval castle on top of the mountain as well as the enchanting windmills and Byzantine churches found in the surrounding areas.

Anavatos village on the north side of the island is a unique village built on a conical cliff of 450m. above sea level. It is a natural fortress created by the conjunction of the outer walls of the houses built in grey stones. Anavatos village is now deserted but the stunning scenery and grandeur of this ghost village make it a must see attraction.

Nenita (meaning newly built) is one of the biggest mastic villages in the south of Chios boasting the most enchanting panoramic view of Asia Minor. From the monastery of Panmegiston Taxiarhon and the Botanic Garden to the town's lively central square and the picturesque beach of Vokaria this village has everything to offer to its visitors.

Thymiana is amongst the largest villages of the island with approximately 1600 inhabitants situated 7 km south of Chora. It is a village renowned for its many quarries from which the "Thymiana" stone was extracted in many shades of brown and red. The church of Agios Efstrations is a must see site due to its exquisite architectural style, also built by Thymiana stones.

Places & Attractions
The picturesque Windmills are situated near Chios town and are a photographic landmark of the island.
Kampos is an Eden made by human hands 4 km from the town of Chios. Filled with citrus orchards this fragrant valley is one of the most fertile areas on the island. The enchanting mansions and narrow winding paths that are set within Kampos, the well, colourful gardens and cisterns are engulfed by pinkish towering walls made by local Thymiana stones.

Religious Sites

The Monastery of Nea Moni in the heart of Chios island is one of the oldest monasteries in Greece dating back to the 11th century. It is an Unesco World Heritage Monument renowned for the frescoes on its walls and it houses the ecclesiastical museum.

The Monastery of Agia Markella features one of the most important temples in all of the Aegean hosting the holy icon of Agia Markella, patron saint of the island, which is thought to be miraculous.

The Monastery of Agios Minas is situated on top of a mountain near Neochori. It is a place of Martyr where 3000 Chians were slaughtered and burned by the Turks during Chios Massacre in 1822. There are still stains of blood on the floor and sculls & bones from the victims have been preserved within the church.

Nearby Islands

Oinousses Island
This is the island of ship owners with families owning more than 500 ships and it is considered the richest island in the world. Consisting of several islets most privately owned Oinousses group of islets is a heaven of tranquillity and peacefulness with crystalline emerald green waters and verdant hillsides. Some of the beaches worth visiting include Zepaga, Bilali and Kastro.

Psara Island
Psara is situated near the north-western part of Chios, birthplace of Kanaris who accounts as a major contributor to the war of independence during which some of the inhabitants managed to escape while others chose to blow up their land and themselves rather than surrender. But even after recent revitalization projects, Psara never really recovered from the holocaust.

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