Corinth Cycladia Tips

Useful tips for a Pleasant Stay

Corinthia prefecture is an amazing destination! It combines all the beauties of an island with the benefits and charming nature of the mainland. With lakes, small rivers, lagoons and splendid beaches, it is obvious that water has a strong presence in this place. Visitors should expect to walk in order to discover all these beauties and therefore flat/athletic shoes is a must.

On the other hand, the prefecture hosts high mountains with gorgeous paths and breathtaking views. The temperature on a high altitude is significantly lower than the respective temperature on a beach, even during summer. So, jackets and one or two sweaters are necessary during the summer months, while heavier and very warm clothes are required during the winter season when visiting mountainous destinations.

Finally, Corinthian wineries offer the opportunity to both see and participate in the production of wine. This is a great idea for a one-day excursion for the whole family

Cruise through the Corinth Canal
In how many places on earth one has the opportunity to cruise through a canal? In Corinth this is a regular tourist attraction. The view is impressive and the feeling is unique. After exiting the canal, visitors can take a refreshing swim or enjoy a meal on the beach. Definitely worth it!

Rent a bike
Corinthia has good quality asphalt roads and many itineraries suitable for bikers. Both mountainous and coastal rides are an option in this heavenly place!

Thermal spa
Loutraki has been renowned for its thermal waters since the Roman Times. A thermal spa is not just a rejuvenating experience, but also a healing method, a fantastic way to relax and a great sense of well-being! 

Eat “souvlaki” in Isthmos
About 25 years ago, when the new highway that connects Athens to the Peloponnese did not exist, all drivers passed by Isthmos (Corinth Canal) and stopped for a while in order to have a snack and some rest. And the snack was always the same: souvlaki! Isthmos is famous for serving one of the best souvlaki in Greece.

Perfect to visit all year long
Unlike other destinations, Corinthia is just perfect to visit all year long. During the summer, visitors may enjoy the sunshine and swimming in crystal clear waters. In the winter, they can go skiing and relish walking around traditional villages. During autumn, they may participate in wine production! And during spring, they can admire the lovely colours of nature. Considering the archaeological sites and various museums it hosts, it is obvious that Corinthia is an amazing destination all year long-and it is much less expensive during the autumn, winter and spring.

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