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The climate in Corinthia is terrestrial Mediterranean, with hot summers and relatively mild winters. The maximum temperature in June, July and August is over 35°C, whereas the average yearly temperature is around 19°C. However, during the winter there is also snow in the mountains of the prefecture. In total, Corinthia enjoys about 2650 hours of sunshine per year.

The national prefix for Greece is +30 if you are calling from abroad.  All numbers in the capital Athens start with the prefix 210 and are followed by 8 digits (e.g. 210-3227400).

The Area Code for Corinth is: +30 27410. However, this is not valid for all the areas in the prefecture of Corinthia. For example, for Kiato the prefix is +30 27420, for Ksilokastro it is +30 27430 and for Loutraki it is +30 27440. If you wish to call abroad, you have to start by dialling the other country’s national prefix (i.e. 0049 for Germany, 0044 for England etc.) and continue with the area code and the number where you wish to call.

Euro €
Euro Coins: 1 and 2 euro coins (gold and silver colour), 10, 20 and 50 cents (gold colour) 1, 2 and 5 cents (copper colour)
1 euro = 100 cents / centimes.
Euro Bank Notes: Are available in 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500. It is not always easy to receive change for 200 and 500 Euro Notes.

Getting There

There is no airport in Corinth. However, the prefecture’s capital is only a one-hour drive from the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”.

Corinth is connected by boat to Patras (Greece), Catania (Italy) and Genova (Italy). The boat departs from Corinth every Tuesday.
For information on ports and schedules, visit the following link:

Corinth is connected by KTEL with all big Greek cities. The trip from Athens lasts about 1 hour. More information on itineraries and schedules are available here.

Corinth is connected with Athens via train, the suburban railway. This train is very quick and the trip duration is about 1 hour. More information is available at:

Local Transportation
Local buses interconnect several areas of the town of Corinth. They usually pass every half an hour. More information is available via the municipality of Corinth. In order to travel between the various regions of the prefecture, it is advisable to have your own car. Otherwise, details on long distance buses (KTEL” could be found here.

Taxis are available in many spots of the town of Corinth, but also in the various regions of the prefecture.

Corinth Taxi Service: Tel.: +30 27410 73000
Union of Taxi Owners of Corinth: Tel.: +30 27410 24844
Agii Theodori Taxi Service: Tel.: +30 27410 68200
Union of Taxi Owners of Ksilokastro: Tel.: +30 27430 22001
Syndicate of Taxi Owners of Vrachati: Tel.: +30 27410 55790

Local Services
BANKS & ATMS                                                                                                         
There are many banks in the prefecture of Corinthia, situated in Corinth (about 25 bank branches), Kiato (14 bank branches), Loutraki (12 bank branches), Ksilokastro (9 bank branches), Nemea (4 bank branches), Vrachati (2 bank branches), Sofiko (1 bank branch), Loutra Oraias Elenis (1 bank branch), etc.

MONEY EXCHANGE                                                                                                      
Money can be exchanged in the bank branches listed above.       
The Greek post office is called ELTA and you can find the main post offices of the island in Hora where there is also a branch of the Hellenic Post Bank. Post Boxes in Greece are YELLOW for normal post, usually with 2 slots for INTERNAL POST (meaning inside Greece) and post for ABROAD. RED Post Boxes are rarer and they are used for URGENT mail. You shouldn’t expect to find such boxes in the island. REGISTERED mail is always handled and given a receipt for at the POST OFFICE.
There are post offices in all the big villages of the prefecture of Corinthia. In Corinth, the post office is located in the town centre.
Corinth Post Office: 35 Adimantos Street, Tel. no: +30 274102 4122

POLICE STATION                                  
Corinth Police Station: Tel.: +30 27410 77250, +30 27410 77263

The biggest and central municipality of the prefecture of Corinthia is the Municipality of Corinth: (page only in Greek).
Tel.: +30 27413 61000, +30 27413 61040
Email: [email protected]

Useful Numbers
  • Radio Taxi: +30 27410 24844
  • Corinth Port Authority: +30 27410 28888
  • Hellenic National Meteorological service: +30 210 9699101-3
  • Elpa (Car breakdown tourist information service): 174
  • Police: 100
  • Fire Department: 199
  • Ambulance: 166
There are various medical centres in the various regions of the prefecture but there is also the hospital of Corinth in case extra attention is needed.
Corinth General Hospital: +30 27413 61400, 27410 25711, 53 Athinon Avenue, Corinth town, email: [email protected]

There are about 120 pharmacies in the prefecture of Corinthia, situated in Corinth, Loutraki, Ksilokastro, Derveni, Vrachati, Agii Theodori and in almost every large village.

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