Evia Events

Evia Events
Evia is a very lively island, where people keep traditions and customs, while at the  same time they organize contemporary cultural events throughout the year.

Cultural Summer
Cultural events (”Cultural Summer”) are held from June to September in the capital and the big villages of the island (Chalkida, Eretria, Oropos, Karystos, Lefkanti, Mantoudi, Vasiliko, Limni). The events include music concerts, theatre plays, treasure hunts, movies, art exhibitions, sports games, traditional dances, etc. Information is provided via the local municipalities.

On May 1st, in Rovies and Agia Anna, there is a custom called “Piperia”. A young man is decorated with flowers and goes around from house to house throughout the village, singing and asking for money. The money that he collects is used either for a big celebration at the end of the day or for an infrastructure project on the village. A similar custom was held in the ancient years and its purpose was to pray to Gods for rain.

On June 24th in Kimi there is the celebration of the name day of Saint John with the custom of “Klidonas”, where fires are lit using the wreaths that were made on May 1st and villagers jump over them.

Karystos Wine Festival
In the end of August, there is the Wine Festival in Karystos; visitors participate in grapes pressing, while wine and food are offered to them.

From August 16th – 23rd the “Kyzikia” are held in Nea Artaki, during which interesting sports and cultural events take place.

Squid festival
During the first two weeks of July, there is the Squid Festival in Hiliadou. This includes a fishing contest and, as soon as it concludes, fresh squid, baked on coals, is offered to visitors.

During the Carnival Season (in February or March), there are celebrations and parades with traditional customs in several places. In Chalkida, there are “Koulouma” on Ash Monday with traditional music and dancing, food and kites. Similar events are held in Marmari, Eretria and Karystos. In Agia Anna there is a big carnival parade; and in Psachna, there is the revival of a traditional local wedding.

Various Other Feasts

In Steni, there is an outdoors commercial fair on September 1st, where visitors may see, taste and buy products coming from different parts of the island.

And of course, there are several religious feasts on the island throughout the year, which attract many visitors and are very interesting to foreigners. The most popular among them are the feasts of: Saint Paraskevi in Chalkida from July 26th – August 2nd (lasting an entire week!), Panagia Faneromeni on August 23 in Nea Artaki, Virgin Mary on August 15 in Oxylithos and in Kimi, Jesus Christ in Lefkanti on August 6th, Saint George on April 23rd in Saint George (Lihada), Agioi Apostoloi on June 29th in the homonym village, and Saint Marina on July 17th in Aliveri.

There are many other religious feasts since Evia really hosts many churches. In most cases, feasts are accompanied with food, music and traditional dances; and in some cases, there are also outdoor fairs. Information is available in local municipalities. It is obvious that visitors will not be bored in Evia!


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