Evia Shops & Galleries

Shops & Galleries

Shops are situated in all the big villages of Evia, while touristic shops with gifts and souvenirs are also located next to popular beaches. In general, Evia is very organized and visitors may find everything they need, no matter where they choose to stay.

Art objects/Galleries
There are quite a few art galleries in Evia, the majority of which are located in Chalkida, but they can be found in other places as well. Usually, they host paintings, decorative objects, and handcrafts of local and Greek artists in general.

Tsangaridi Maria, 22 Antoniou Str., Chalkida. Tel.: +30 2221078555.

Biz Art, 17 Kriezi Str., Chalkida. Tel.: +30 2221078002.

Chryssoglou Charalambos, 14 Kakara Michail Str., Chalkida. Tel.: +30 2221021440.

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