Folegandros Practical info

General Info

The climate of Folegandros is warm and pleasurable despite the humidity levels, which are balanced by the northern winds who keep the atmosphere pretty dry. On the island of Folegandros the highest temperatures are usually measured during the months of May and June while the northeastern winds help the atmosphere cool a little during summer months.

The national prefix for Greece is +30 if you are calling from abroad. All numbers in the capital Athens start with the prefix 210 and are followed by 8 digits (e.g. 210-3227400).
The Area Code for Folegandros is: +30 22860 xxxxx. If you wish to call abroad, you have to start by dialing the other country’s national prefix (i.e. 0049 for Germany, 0044 for England etc.) and continue with the area code and the number where you wish to call.

Euro €
Euro Coins:
1 and 2 euro coins (gold and silver color)
10, 20 and 50 cents (gold color) 1, 2 and 5 cents (copper color)
1 euro = 100 cents/centimes
Euro Bank Notes: Are available in 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500. It is not always easy to receive change for 200 and 500 Euro Notes


Getting There

Folegandros Island doesn’t have an airport and the closest airport to Folegandros is on the island of Santorini, which is approximately two and a half hours from the port of Folegandros by boat.

The island of Folegandros can be reached by a conventional ship from Piraeus with a journey lasting approximately 6 hours or by High-Speed catamaran during the summer months with a journey lasting almost 4 hours. The island is also connected with most of the Cycladic islands by frequent ferry services and hydrofoils.

Aegean Speed Lines (fast ferry). For accurate timetables and ticket costs visit the Aegean Speed Lines website

Sea Jets (fast ferry). For accurate timetables and ticket costs visit the Sea Jets website

Zante Ferries (normal ferry).   For accurate timetables and ticket costs visit the Sea Jets website
Lane Sea Lines (normal ferry). For accurate timetables and ticket costs visit the Lane Sea Lines website

Nel Lines (normal ferry). For accurate timetables and ticket costs visit the Nel Lines website

Ventouris Sea Lines (normal ferry). For accurate timetables and ticket costs visit the Ventouris Sea Lines website

Local Transportation

Folegandros is a small island and so the distances one needs to cover are also relatively small, making it possible for visitors to move around the island without necessarily bringing or renting a car. A scooter or a 4wd vehicle though could come in handy due to the island’s rocky formation and the difficult access to most of its beaches. Considering the island’s size, Folegandros’ transportation infrastructure is pretty adequate. Local buses and excursion boats are the best way to get around the island.

The local buses of Folegandros connect the Hora of Folegandros with the picturesque harbor of Karavostassi and the scenic village of Ano Meria in the northern side of the island.
Tel.: +30 22860 41043, +30 22860 41238

There is only one taxi service in the island of Folegandros which it would be wise to book in advance.                                                                                                                                                                  Tel.: +30 22860 41048, +30 69446 93957

Visitors can also pick up a water taxi from Karavostassi harbor to visit all secluded stunningly beautiful beaches of the island of Folegandros.   

Excursion boats leave from the harbor of Karavostassi and cruise around the island. It is a good way to see the beauties of the island and visit some of the most private and tranquil beaches.

Visitors can use the inter-Cycladic line from Syros and other Cycladic islands to connect to the island of Folegandros.

Cars and motorbikes are also available for rent for those wishing to explore the island on their own pace.  


Local Services

There is no bank in the island of Folegandros therefore all transactions are processed through an ATM, travel agents and hotels.
Maraki Travel Agency. Tel.: +30 22860 41273
Sottovento Travel. Tel.:+30 22860 41444

Visitors should make sure when arriving on the island to have the necessary cash with them for the entire stay because exchange rates at travel agents and hotels can be much higher than they officially rates and the one and only ATM may run out of cash during high peak season.               

The Greek post office is called ELTA and you can find the post office savings bank of Folegandros by the central square of Hora. The post office performs money transactions and cash currency exchange. Post Boxes in Greece are YELLOW for normal post, usually with 2 slots for INTERNAL POST (meaning inside Greece) and post for ABROAD. RED Post Boxes are rarer and they are used for URGENT mail. You shouldn’t expect to find such boxes in the island. REGISTERED mail is always handled and given a receipt for at the POST OFFICE. +30 Post office no:  +30 22860 41299

The police station of Folegandros is right behind the post office and OTE in Hora.              
Tel.: +30 22860 41249

The Municipality of Folegandros is situated in Folegandros Hora. Tel.: +30 22860 41285


Useful Numbers

• Radio Taxi: +30 6944-693957, 22860-41048
• Tourist Police: +30 22860 41249
• Port Authority: +30 2286041530
• Hellenic National Meteoroligcal Service: +30 210 9699101-3
• Elpa ( Car breakdown tourist information service): 174

In Folegandros there are a few stores selling magazines and international press but for those who enjoy reading through a variety of international press, it would be a wise choice to bring their own books or magazines because there is not a great variety on the island.

• Police: 100
• Fire Department: 199
• Ambulance: 166

There is a rural health center in Folegandros for health emergencies at Pounta square.
Health center - Regional surgeries. Tel: +30 22860-41222

If visitors are in need of medication or pharmaceutical cosmetics there is a pharmacy right in the heart of Hora within the high school building.
Tel.: +30 22860 41540

There are a few travel agents in the Hora of Folegandros that can arrange all kinds of travel arrangements, exchange cash and offer island information and maps.
• Diaplous, Hora, Tel.: +30 22860 41158
• Maraki Travel, Hora, Tel.: +30 22860 41273
• Sottovento Travel, Hora, Tel.: +30 22860 41444, +30 6939 498972


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