Heraklion Cycladia Tips

Useful Tips for a Pleasant Stay
The sun is very strong in summer and, especially, in August. Try to avoid the direct exposure for extended periods of time especially from 11.00 to 16.00. You should often use a sun lotion and always wear sunglasses and a hat to avoid getting sunburned or dizzy.

Water Consumption
Tap water in Heraklion is unfortunately not potable, so you must buy bottled water instead. Avoid buying it, though, from places which store it in pallets under the sun. The super markets are safer and much cheaper. The price is fixed on 50cents maximum for the small bottle (500ml).

Avoid taking a car in the city centre because usually there is a heavy traffic and the parking places are scarce. Instead, it is recommended that you park it in one of the city’s 9 Municipal Parking Areas and walk or use the local buses (blue).

Going Out In Heraklion

Heraklion has a remarkably vivid nightlife and, as such, alcohol consumption cannot be avoided. Be careful of adulterate drinks that can easily lead to intoxication. It is safer to order a bottled or try your favorite drink, of which you know the taste.

Another option is the cinema. Watching a movie in an open, summer theatre, under the starry night with the scent of jasmine diffused in the air, is surely a must!

And, if you don’t mind crowded places, on Saturdays in the city the open air market is held. The local producers behind the kiosks sell almost everything, from fruits and vegetables to clothes and electrical items.  

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