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The celebration of Miaoulia is dedicated to the great contribution of Andreas Miaoulis in the Greek Revolution. Miaoulis was born and raised in Hydra and was a very courageous shipowner who, among other achievemnts, led his fleet against the Turkish-Egyptian fleet at the battleship of Gerontas at the island of Kos.

A celebration in his honour is held annually at the end of June lasting two weeks with exhibitions, speeches, acts and concerts. On top of them, though, stands the representation of the battleship and the burning of the Tunisian frigate by Vatikiotis, held at the port entrance accompanied by fireworks. An overwhelming and impressive spectacle although doubts have arisen on whether this was an actual, historic fact. Nevertheless, it has passed in the island’s tradition and it is a delight for all of those that are lucky to visit the island at that time of the year.


Every year around the 22nd of August the celebration in the memory of Admiral Pavlos Kountouriotis is held, a hero of the Balkan Wars who achieved two major victories on his flagship “Georgios Averof”; in December 1912 (Battle of Elli) and in January 1913 (Battle of Limnos) and liberated many Aegean islands from the Turks. He was elected Regent of Greece in 1920 and in 1924 the first President of the Greek Republic.  
The six day programme includes speeches, projections, exhibitions and athletic events.

Easter on Hydra island is a unique experience bound to tradition and attracts many visitors every year, mostly Greeks who are very well aware of the festivities. On Good Friday, at the district of Kamini, you would witness the procession of the Epitaph which, apart from going around the nearby alleys, it is also driven into the sea by the men who carry it with the aim to bless the waters in favour of the seamen so that they have a safe journey back home. On Easter day the tradition dictates a dummy of Judas suspended by a rope and set on fire after being shot by the local’s weapons.

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