Ios Cycladia Tips

Cycladia Tips for Ios
Ios is a truly beautiful island. Hora has countless bars and clubs, practically on every corner. The drinks are not expensive (about 5 euro each) and the music varies from rock to pop and from dance to electric and heavy metal. There is something for every taste.
·    If you are visiting the island because of the night life, then you should definitely go during the month of August, when everything is jammed packed. However, please bear in mind that people do drink a lot and might stir trouble.
·    If you are interested in exploring the island in a more relaxing mood, then you should visit during the month of June, in the beginning of July and in September.
·    The majority of hotels are located in Mylopotas. Some choose to walk from there to Hora, however there is no point, since the buses run every 10-15 minutes, the ride is about 5-7 minutes and the fare is rather cheap.
·    Try the exceptional fresh fish and all the local seafood delicacies. Prices are a bit high but it’s worth it.
·    The beach of Magganari is one of the most spectacular ones in the island. It actually consists of three separate smaller coves, one right next to the other, forming some sort of a lagoon, with shallow, warm, emerald waters. The exotic landscape is simply breathtaking. Try the second cove, right in the middle. It’s less crowded, if you don’t mind that there are no umbrellas and sun-beds, as opposed to the first one.
·    Mylopotas is an endless sandy beach. There are many spots where umbrellas and sun-beds are provided. Check out the prices first. They are not the same everywhere!
·    At the end of Mylopotas beach there is a picturesque fish tavern, right on the water, enjoying a fabulous view. If it’s not windy, get a table on the pier and order the lobster spaghetti, which is simply divine. If it’s windy, prefer the tables within the premises or the ones you will first see as you access the tavern. Otherwise, you are going to get all wet, as the waves smash on the pier!

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