Ios Events

Ios Events
There are many cultural activities and local festivals taking place in Ios, especially during the summer months. Once a year, each of the 365 churches of the island host a small fiesta on the name day of their Saint. On the eve, everybody gathers in the church’s yard and they are served free wine and grilled meat.
The most significant local feasts in Ios are the following:
·    On the 24th of June and on the 2nd of August ~ St. John Prodromos at the monastery of Pyrgos.
·    On the 15th of August ~ Panagia Gremiotissa in Hora
·    On the 29th of August ~ St. John's is celebrated in Kalamos and in Psathi.
·    On the 8th of September ~ Agia Theodoti. The saint’s icon is also carried on foot to Hora.
·    The most important cultural event of the island is the Omireia, which honors the famous poet and it’s organized under the auspices of UNESCO. Omireia started in 1991 and every year during the first two weekends of May attract thousands of people. Activities include lectures, theater and dance shows, art exhibitions, painting contests, concerts, workshops and pot luck dinners.

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