Ios Sightseeing

In Ios Hora
Hora of Ios has been declared as a traditional settlement and it’s a typical Cycladic picturesque village. Visitors will be highly impressed with the distinctive architecture. All the houses are boxy, white, with blue doors and windows, adjacent to each other, while some have small front-yards. The streets are narrow and paved. Hora is amphitheatrically built and enjoys a scintillating view. The most beautiful spots are the Venetian Castle and the Church of Holy Mary Gremiotissa, which is on the very top of the hill, offering an amazing view.     

Prehistoric settlement of Skarkos
At a close proximity to the port of Ios, in a hill lower but close to Hora, excavations brought to light one of the most important prehistoric settlements of the world. The settlement had an excellent infrastructure and an innovative sewage system. The buildings have two stories and impressive morphological characteristics, such as paved stairs, closets, tiled floors and built-in chests. The majority of the findings, such as utensils and tools, are actually in place and very well preserved. During the last years, many more were brought to light, such as stamps –stone and bone ones- as well as a large number of stamped items, something extremely rare of a prehistoric settlement. This proves that the social structure was much more complex than any of us would assume.

Before the settlement there is a parking lot, however we suggest you park way before that and access the site by foot.

Churches and Monasteries

They say that Ios has 365 churches and chapels, as many as the days of the year. In Hora, visitors will get the chance to see 26 of them. Most are from the Byzantine era and you will need special permission to visit. You should also explore the amazing monasteries of Saint John in Kalamos and Saint John in Pyrgos.

The Church of Agios Theodosios is in the village of Agia Theodoti. Within the church you will see parts of ancient buildings, as Christians used to build churches on top of ancient temples’. In the same location there is also a tower from the Hellenistic Period, as well as the remnants of an ancient aqueduct.

Of equal importance is the church of Agia Eirini, dated back to the 17th century and is located in Ormos. The church of Agia Eirini in Hora should also be mentioned, as it’s located in the port’s entrance and it’s considered the island’s symbol.

Odysseas Elytis Theater
The Odysseas Elytis Theater is an open theater, built of local stone and marble in the location Tsoukalaria, next to Hora and at the end of the windmills. This is a unique place in Greece, as it officially bears the name of the famous Greek poet. It has a capacity of 1.100 people, it was inaugurated in 1997 and it’s easily accessible by car or by foot.
The Municipality of Iites organizes there every summer many concerts and theatrical shows, within the framework of the “Omireia” Cultural Festival. However, you can always visit even if there is no event taking place. The view of Hora, the port, Mylopotas and the nearby islands is just breathtaking and the sunset will surely bedazzle you.     

Homer’s tomb
According to tradition, Homer was buried in Ios Island. His tomb is said to be in the location Plakotos, in the northern part of the island, on top of a hill.
Access is easy by car and visitors can also admire the magnificent view from up there. The Municipality is planning on creating on this exact location an Academy of Homeric Studies, with global impact.  

The Archaeological Museum of Ios
The Archaeological Museum of Ios is located in Hora, on the ground floor of the City Hall. It hosts a vast collection of exhibits, found on the island between the 3rd millennium BC until the Roman Era. Everything is divided in thematic modules, while the findings from the excavations in the location of Skarkos dominate. The Museum is open every day, except Monday, from 08:30 until 15:00. (Tel.: 22860 91246).

The Museum of Modern Art Jean Mari Dro
The Museum of Modern Art Jean Mari Dro is a private museum. It’s not open during specific days and hours and it can be visited only upon request addressed to the owner. It’s accessed only by foot, through an alley. The Municipality is planning on taking over its management and run it on a regular basis.

The Museum of Giannis Gaitis and Gabriella Simosi
This museum opened its doors to the public during the summer of 2008 and has managed to concentrate the works of the prominent artist and friend of Ios, Giannis Gaitis, and his wife’s. Many other artists from Greece and abroad are also committed to show their work in these premises. The museum is located close to the Odysseas Elytis Theater, which together with the famous Windmills are a unique cultural site.

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