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Cycladia Tips for Kefalonia
Kefalonia is an all-around spectacular island. It seems that there are a lot of peculiar geological phenomena, secrets, legends and religious-related weird occurrences. The mountainous ground combined with the intense presence of the aquatic element generously offers this island a rare and distinctive beauty. Cycladia has managed to unveil the well hidden secrets of Kefalonia…

The wild horses of Aenos Mountain
If you are nature lovers, then Kefalonia is definitely your paradise. There are numerous hiking trails you can follow to discover the wild natural beauty of the island. If you happen to be in the natural park of Aenos Mountain and hear horses galloping, don’t be scared. It’s not your imagination, although you might think you are starring in the Lord of the Rings movie! There are wild horses living around the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi, at an altitude of 1.300-1.500 meters. These horses are adjusted to the exceptionally adverse conditions, due to the climate and the mountainous territory. However, it will be difficult to track them down, since they avoid human presence and, unfortunately, they are nowadays almost extinct.

Agia Varvara
If you happen to drive from Argostoli towards Sami, you will see a sign that leads to the church of Agia Varvara. Don’t ignore it! It’s not a typical Greek chapel. Through time, a river’s flow shaped underground trails and the rocks created a small, peculiar opening that looks like a hug. The small and simple church of Agia Varvara was built inside this opening. This shouldn’t be missed!

Kounopetra – Was it magic?
Leaving aside the rumor that has the inhabitants of Ionian Islands a little bit exaggerated than the rest of Greeks, the story of Kounopetra, a rock that moves by itself, seems to be real! This solid, grand rock in the district of Paliki appeared to have a rhythmical and constant movement, which couldn’t be explained by anyone including the most renowned scientists from all over the world. It is believed that ships from the British fleet were trying to pull the rock with chains with no eventual success. The 1953 earthquakes unfortunately put an end to the mystery. Since then, Kounopetra (which in Greek means wobbling rock) hasn’t moved an inch.

A religious mystery – The Agiofida (the holy snakes)
Kefalonia is, without a doubt, an island of mysteries. A popular mystery is the appearance of agiofida, which in Greek means “holy snakes”, every year between August 6th and August 15th (Assumption of Virgin Mary). This phenomenon takes place in the village of Markopoulo, in the remnants of the old bell tower, which is dedicated to Virgin Mary, and in the church of the mountainous village of Arginia. On August 6th the small snakes that are harmless and non-poisonous appear –as if from nowhere- and they fill the church’s interior. They disappear on August 15th. The weirdest thing is that these snakes have a small cross on their head and this is why they are called holy snakes. According to those who have attempted to explain this phenomenon, this is a rare snake spieces that breeds in this area. So their appearance and disappearance has to do with their breeding season. They say that the loud sound of the bell wakes them up and makes them come out of their nests into the chrurch.

The secret beach is not that secret anymore…
In every island the locals choose one place, one beach or one secret spot and try their best to keep it hidden from the tourists. Well, the secret finally ends up out in the open! This new gem is a secret beach resembling to Myrtos: the beach of Platia Ammos. The locals, in order to keep it away from the crowds, started dismantling every road sign leading to this amazing, unspoiled paradise, but officers from the municipality of Paliki insist on replacing these signs! It sounds incredible but the 400 stairs that lead to the beach do not discourage the tourists who have actually discovered it. This is a truly exotic, secluded beach with calm and transparent waters. A few years ago it was accessible only by boat, but not anymore. Keep in mind that there is no cell phone signal down there!

Near Myrtos
The beach of Myrtos is by no means a secret. On the contrary it is considered as one of the best beaches in the world. However, the entire eastern part of Kefalonia, near Myrtos, is filled with small caves, coves and secluded beaches with white sand or pebbles, accessed only by sea. The scenery cannot be described in words. The waters are turquoise blue and rejuvenating, fishes are swimming right next to you, while the privacy found in one of those small hidden paradises can offer you unforgettable moments!

The tastiest bread in the world!
In the district of Pylarou there is a village called Makryotika. This village boasts a traditional bakery that makes the tastiest bread ever. The locals and those who know, never miss it. The scent of the freshly baked bread, the warm, traditional ambience and the people there travel you in another era!

Katavothres are included in the most peculiar geological phenomena of the island. Katavothres are basically underground tunnels, next to the sea, where water comes in and out. Based on evidence, the water seems to disappear in these openings which are located in Agioi Theodoroi, just 2 km from Argostoli. The water crosses the underground tunnels underground and ends up in the cave of Melissani, located at about 15 km away. The water continues its route and ends up at the sea at Karavomilos village, within two weeks.. The most prevalent theory on this is that the underground consists of rocks and materials that have been subjected to erosion and, thus, the water penetrates through small tunnels and caves and ends up to different locations of the island. In the past watermills had been built to take advantage of theis phenomeno but after the earthquakes they were abandoned. The underground itinerary of the water has been verified by adding purple dye to the water entering these sinkholes so its course was monitored and clearly obvious as the purple liquid finally reached Karavomilos village.

Beauty mud baths in Xi
Xi is an alternative beach. It’s said that its soil has therapeutic quality and this is why thousands of people arrive here and cover themselves with this distinctive mud. You should at least try it once. Moreover, from the beach of Xi you will find the unpopulated Vardianoi islets, ideal  for those who seek a sanctuary, away from the bustling crowds, and for those who love fishing.  

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