Kythira Events

Festival of Kythirian Flavours
A festival, resembling a gastronomy and cooking seminar, takes place on Kythira during July when traditional recipes are cooked in front of the visitors, who then can taste some of the produced dishes. A fair that exhibits the local products from producers of the island is also available during the festival. The living traditional of the island!

Mitata Wine Festival
The annual Wine festival takes place each year in Mitata village, during the first weekend of August, in honor of the wine, the wine production and its great part in the local economy and traditional. As any typical festival in Greek islands and areas, this one too includes a lot of local delicacies, local wine and folk music and dances. Should not miss that!

Municipal Feasts
Each year, especially during the summer season, the municipality of Kythira organizes various cultural, artistic and fair events including art exhibitions, concerts, theatrical plays starring Greek and foreign artists

Agricultural Festival of Kythira
At the end of August each year the Agricultural Festival takes place in Fratsia, one of the island’s large villages right in its centre. The festival is held in a traditional ambience where local women dressed in traditional costumes guide visitors through the island’s agricultural production and offer them a treat. The goal of this festival is to promote the local products including olive oil, honey, herbs, spoon sweets, wine, cheese, but also non-comestible products like pottery, ceramics and textiles. Visitors can try or buy any of those products. The festival, typically, ends up in an open air feast of eating, drinking and dancing.

European Music Day at Kythira
During 2011 and 2012 Kythira in order to honor the European Day of Music has organized a festival dedicated to music and all its kinds. This festival has ended up to be a great success as most cultural associations of the island have contributed to its organization up to now while the feast lasts about 3 days at the end of June from the 20th till the 22nd (the summer solstice on the 21st June).

Porphyris Festival
Drawn by the initiative of the Youth Association of Kythira “Porphyris” this festival has been taking place since 2001 hosting various artistic and photography exhibitions, concerts and parties. A must for the young people and the lovers of art and entertainment.

Religious Celebrations

One of the most popular feasts of Kythira is the Myrtidiotissa Celebration, which is mostly a religious event that takes place in the end of September each year at the Monastery of Myrtidiotissa in honor of the Holy Mary.

On the 15th of August the typical Greek celebration in the honor of Holy Mary takes place at the central square of Potamos village, accompanied as usually with folk music, traditional dances, local dishes and drinks.

Another pretty important event is the celebration of the holy patron of the island, Osios Theodoros on May 12th in the same festive context as all the rest of the religious events.


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