Kythnos Sightseeing

Also known as Messaria, amphitheatrically build on a hill, Chora is the capital of Kythnos. Alike all islands of the Cyclades the capital of Kythnos is a very picturesque village with white washed houses, scenic churches and narrow paved alleys. The beautiful little squares offer some nice restaurants and cafes blending tradition with modernity.

The picturesque village of Driopida, also known as Syllaka, used to be the ancient capital and administrative center of the island. The unique tiled roofs, the winding narrow streets and the numerous fig trees dotted on the mountains create a scenic setting and a sense of serenity.

Renowned for the thermal springs with the therapeutic properties the small village of Loutra has become a popular resort on the island of Kythnos. Besides Merihas, Loutra is the only other part of the island that counts for a relatively lively nightlife with numerous cafes, restaurants and bars attracting mostly the eldest crowds.

Byzantine Museum
Situated in the village of Driopida and housed in the old church of Agios Georgios the Byzantine museum hosts a collection of a large number of Byzantine and post Byzantine icons, manuscripts and other ecclesiastical relics and rare books from Mount Athos.

Folklore Museum
Located in the picturesque village of Driopida the Folklore museum celebrates the lives of locals through history with exhibits of traditional uniforms, tools used in everyday life and exquisite folklore objects and artifacts.

Katafiki Cave
A popular tourist attraction, Katafiki Cave near the village of Driopida is known for its unique rock formations and spectacular stalagmites. This cave used to be an old mine as well as a shelter for the locals during the Second World War. Nowadays locals gather into the cave to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ.

The Church of Panagia Kanala
Overlooking the emerald waters of the sea, Panagia Kanala, the protector of the island is distinguished for its unique architecture. Surrounded by a gorgeous garden, this church is known for the icon of Virgin Mary known to work miracles. Panagia Kanala is the patron saint of the island celebrated on August 15th.

The island of Saint Loucas
Situated on the northwest of Merihas, the island of Saint Loucas is connected to the rest of the island with a long stretch of sand: the beach of Kolona. The island of Saint Loucas is worth visiting since it still retains some ancient remnants, caves and ruins from antiquity.

The Church of Panagia Flampouriani
Situated on the South of Merichas this is a beautiful church that one must see while on the island. According to tradition there are tracks from the beach to the church that were left from Panagia Flampouriani and, thus, every August white fragrant lilies grow in the area.

Oria Castle
Near Kefalos cape, on the north side of the island, in Oria Castle one can see the remains of two churches as well as of some ancient murals. Other than its remains, Oria Castle is a site worth visiting for its breathtaking views.

Archeological site of Maroula
During the excavations at the village of Maroula, architectural remains and human skeletons that were brought to light show that the island was inhabited since the Neolithic period proving that it was the oldest settlement in all of Greece. 

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