Lasithi Cycladia Tips

Chrissi Island
Chrissi island (Golden Island in Greek) or Gaidouronisi (meaning “donkey island”) is located right beneath Crete Island, in the Libyan Sea, at about 8 miles south of Ierapetra. Chrisi is a small islet famous for its tropical scenery consisting of four beaches. The most famous beach, the homonymous Chrissi (Golden) or Belegrina beach, on the north part of the island, boasts a vast, long coast with powder like sand where you will find countless, mostly broken, sea shells.

The other beaches of Chrissi are more or less of the same morphology, all adorned with juniper tree colonies. The islet is protected by Natura 2000, so free camping and collecting sea shells and sand is prohibited.

You can access Chrissi by the small boats that embark from Ierapetra in very frequent routes and return back the same day.

Chrissi is the place you should definitely visit, but mind to choose a day when no south winds blow because the route can be very unpleasant and the waves on the beach will not let you enjoy this unique place.

A hidden delight in a traditional village
If by any chance you find yourselves in Angathias village, mind to visit the small tavern hidden from the main road that, among other delicacies, serves shrimps and mussels grilled on charcoal. Such a pure taste in a purely traditional ambience that will surely fascinate you!

Tour to the limits!
Lasithi is a genuine part of Crete but so different that the west part of it. Excursions and touring is a must-do but we suggest that your explorations extend to the most north-eastern and south-eastern part of Lasithi. A lunar landscape of bare slopes, mountain peaks and gorges in combination with, literally, the endless sea! So, keep driving till the end of the road and you will be soon wondering on which place of the earth you really are!

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