Lefkada Cycladia Tips

Cycladia Tips for Lefkada
Lefkada is a world known destination, mainly due to its incredibly beautiful beaches with the turquoise blue waters and the white pebbles. The nature of this island is stunning. However, apart from the gorgeous waters, the unique monuments and the mouthwatering cuisine, Cycladia will also share a few secrets about this rare Ionian jewel that will further intrigue you.  

Insider Tips

The town of Lefkada is twinned with the city of Shinjuku in Japan. This is because the famous author Lefkadios Hearn, which has been declared as a national poet in Japan, was born in Lefkada and died in Shinjuku.

Lefkada is Ulysses homeland, according to the advanced theory of the famous archeologist Wilhelm Dörpfeld, who conducted a series of excavations on the island.

NATURA 2000 sites

There are 3 regions in Lefkada protected by NATURA 2000 worth visiting for their unique morphology and natural scenery:

  • The Gyra lagoon and the salt pans of Alexandros, due to the dunes, the wetland and the bird species that nestle there
  • Hortata, due to its endemic flora 
  • The marine region between Lygia and cape Lefkata, including the nearby islets of Skorpios, Meganisi, Kalamos, Kastos and Madouri.

Interesting Info
  • The Haramogleios Special Library (in Marka Square, tel. 26450 21465) was included in the Guinness World Records, as the biggest specialized library in the world.
  • The church of Pantokratoras, which is located in the main pedestrian street of the capital town, is privately owned and hosts the grave of the famous poet Aristotle Valaoritis. 
  • The island’s Philharmonic is the second oldest in Greece, participated in the first Athens Olympic Games in 1896 and has been awarded by the Academy of Athens.  
  • The floating bridge of Agia Mavra that connects Lefkada with the mainland rotates every one hour to allow for vessels crossing.

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