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Lefkada Island
Lefkada is without a doubt an irresistible Ionian Island that captivates visitors with its dazzling authenticity. Magical beaches with crystal, turquoise blue waters, evergreen forests, traditional villages built on mountain slopes, incredible cuisine and warm hospitality. It has an excellent tourism infrastructure with numerous luxurious hotels, rooms to let, private villas and campgrounds. The island is about 70% mountainous and its highest peak is Stavrota (1182 m. altitude). The western part is steep, with many sandy beaches, but there are also many plateaus, valleys and hills with lush vegetation. There are olive trees, cypresses, pines and a rare oak variety. Finally, there are many springs, streams, small falls and an unbelievably beautiful lagoon, which is an important wetland and home for many bird species.

The capital town of Lefkada
The island’s capital is a serene Ionian town with picturesque houses, narrow streets, a busy port and many attractions.

The Venetian castle of Agia Mavra, right next to the artificial channel, was built by the Sicilian Orsini in 1300 to protect the town from any kind of raids. Today it houses many cultural events and receives hundreds of visitors.

There are many important churches in the capital city of Lefkada. The older ones, like Agios Spyridonas, Agios Dimitris, Agios Minas and Virgin Mary’s, are all built before 1700 and boast incredible frescoes from renowned Ionian artists.

The Archaeological Museum is definitely worth a visit since it houses important findings from excavations that took place in various spots on the island. You will have the chance to see ceramics, sculptures, jewelry, tools from the Early Helladic period and grave gifts. There is also a rare collection of Ecclesiastical icons. (For more info please call: +30 26450 23678)

The ancient city of Lefkada is located about 6km east of today’s capital, where visitors will be able to see remnants from the city, the theater and the peripheral Walls.

Nydri is about 17km southeast of the capital town. It has a beautiful beach and a magical view to the nearby islets of Madouri, Skorpidi, Meganisi and, of course, the famous Skorpios. Small boats depart from the port for unforgettable excursions around those islands. Nydri is highly developed and one of the first hot spots of the island. It has many hotels, rooms to let, taverns, bars and cafés.
Just across from Nydri visitors will see the evergreen cape of Agia Kyriaki with the homonymous church, the column of the Nymphs and the grave of the famous archeologist Dörpfeld.


Vassiliki is a stunning seaside village about 38km south of the capital town. It attracts thousands of visitors due to its lush vegetation and the unbelievably beautiful sandy beach, which is considered as one of the finest in the Mediterranean Sea.

From the small port of Vassiliki there are daily departures to the islands of Ithaca and Kefalonia, while visitors can also embark on small boats to tour the island and also visit one of the best beaches in the world: Porto Katsiki.  
Vassiliki is well known for its infrastructure and visitors will find there many hotels, rooms to let, private villas, as well as taverns, restaurants, bars and clubs. It’s also worth mentioning that Vassiliki has been included in the Top 10 Surfing Destinations of the World.

Lefkata Cape
Allegedly, Lefkada got its name from this legendary cape. This is the southernmost point of the island and a place of great mythological and historical importance. Visitors will see remnants from the Temple of Apollo and -at a close distance- the famous church of Agios Nikolaos from the 17th century, with the astounding wooden carved temple. The vertical cliffs create a sense of awe and admiration to the eye of the beholder!
Other beautiful villages

Nikiana is a picturesque seaside village, about 10km south of the capital town, with many hotels, bars and taverns by the water.

Agios Nikitas
Agios Nikitas, about 14km southwest of the capital, is one of the most beautiful villages of the island’s western part, with golden beaches, incredible coves and picturesque stone paved alleys through small shops and cafes that end up to the coast . Just 2 km from there you will find the beach Kathisma, which is a Must-See. It’s surrounded by steep cliffs and embraces a magical sandy beach with crystal emerald waters.

Karya is a stunning mountainous village, about 17 km from the capital city, built according to the local architecture. Its nature is incredible with streams and lush vegetation. Tradition is well preserved here and you will see women wearing traditional costumes and knitting beautiful embroideries.  

Nearby islands

Between Lefkada and the shores of the prefecture of Aetoloakarnania there are 5 beautiful islets:

MeganisiMeganisi is the biggest one and it’s situated just 4 nautical miles from Nydri. It has three settlements and nestles the famous cave Papanikolis. About 30 meters deep and covering an area of 3.800 sq.m., it is the second biggest cave in Greece.   

Skorpios is the most famous privately owned islet. It was bought in 1962 by the worldwide known tycoon Aristotle Onassis as a place of rest, relaxation and as a base for his summer resort. Today it’s owned by his granddaughter, Athena.

Madouri is standing across from Nydri, at a mere distance of 1 nautical mile. The imposing mansion at its entrance is where the famous Greek poet Aristotle Valaoritis was born. Today the islet is owned by his descendants.

Kastos is a small islet with olive groves. Its eastern side boasts few magical, untouched beaches, like Ambelakia, Fyki and Limni. There is also a sea cave of rare beauty on its northern side, where seals find refuge.

Kalamos is an equally small islet with tall pines that reach all the way to the sea. It has 2 settlements and its Castle-Monastery in Episkopi is definitely worth a visit. 

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