Lesvos Cycladia Tips

Useful tips for a Pleasant Stay

Lesvos is a very large island with many things to see and do. It has diversified landscapes and a strong gastronomic culture, not to mention its amazing beaches! Visitors should not miss the opportunity of discovering these beauties and make sure they have water, sport shoes and hats/sun blocks with them during their exploration.

Moreover, since Lesvos is affected by the strong northern winds of the Aegean Sea (“meltemia”), usually the real feel of the temperature is lower than 30 degrees Celsius. Therefore, light jackets are required in the evenings.

In addition, the bottom of the sea in many areas in Lesvos is covered with rocks and there are also dazzling rocky beaches. So, it would be wise for visitors to have sea shoes.

Finally, Lesvos is connected by boat with many other Aegean Islands (Chios, Limnos, Ikaria, Fournoi, and islands of the Dodecanese) and with Turkey. Combining a vacation on Lesvos with a short visit to some of these destinations is certainly a good idea!

Trekking-hiking-cycling-agro tourism
Anyone looking for a holiday in nature or a little adventure will most definitely be satisfied in Lesvos. There are several trekking paths, with trekking tours including the mountains Olympos and Lepetimnos, as well as participation in the production of olive oil! Details and trips’ plans are available in local travel agencies.

4x4 vehicle trips
Lesvos is a beautiful island with many different areas, interesting plants, traditional agricultural villages and breathtaking beaches. So, an organized jeep trip certainly sounds like a good idea!
More information in local travel Agencies

Scuba diving
Scuba diving is very organized in Lesvos, both for experienced divers and for beginners. Diving centres are located in Petra and Haramida. Diving routes include several reefs and wrecks, but, either way, the sea bottom is fantastic in this part of the Aegean Sea: divers will see colourful sponges, beautiful nudibranchs (sea slugs), labyrinths and underwater corridors!

Bird watching
Lesvos is among the most famous bird watching locations in Europe. There are several different species of birds that live on the island and many more that stop by Lesvos on their migration trip or that migrate here for a few months. More information is available

Take a boat tour
Lesvos is situated in the Northeastern Aegean Sea, which is famous for its crystal waters and wide variety of landscapes. Lesvos’ visitors may take a boat tour of the island, visit islands nearby or take a daily trip to Turkey (so, do not forget to bring your passport with you)!

Visit the Petrified Forest
The Petrified Forest in Sigri is one of the two of its kind globally (the other is situated in Arizona, USA). This unique forest was created about 15-20 million years ago after a volcano explosion. Visitors may admire petrified trees spread across 150 square kilometres!

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