Lesvos Events

Lesvos Events
Many events are organized in Lesvos every year, specifically during summer.

The Carnival Celebrations in Mandamados take place on Shrove Monday (usually in February or March, depending on the date of Orthodox Easter). There is a carnival parade, a feast, singing and dancing and the revival of traditional fishing.

The Bull Feast is held in Agia Paraskevi on the Friday after Easter. It is a popular local event that lasts 3 days, is devoted to Saint Haralambos and includes dancing, eating and horseback riding.  

Expo Aegean is an exhibition of local products hosted in the Mytilene marina. It is usually organized in mid-June and apart from an exhibition of local products, the event is accompanied by many cultural events that involve music and dancing.

The Lesviot Summer is a series of events taking place from July 1st to August 31; there are concerts of many different kinds of music, theatre plays for adults and children, speeches, religious feasts, storytelling, painting exhibitions, fairs, and dance shows. The majority of these events are organized in the Castles of Mytilene and Molyvos. For more information: (the website is in Greek only)

The 1st Ouzo Festival is organized in July 2013 and specifically, 6-7th July at the Plomari marina, 13-14th July at the Mytilene marina and 10th July at the Museum of Natural History in Sigri. Events would include slide shows, tasting ouzo and local products, concerts and workshops.

The 2nd Greek-Turkish Commercial and Cultural Festival is held in Mytilene on June 22-25 2013. It includes exhibitions of Greek and Turkish products, music and traditional dances from both countries and several celebrations in the context of the cooperation of the two populations.

The Beach Street Festival is organized in Vatera on July 25-28 2013 and is an innovative gathering of graffiti artists from all over the world, accompanied by rock music concerts. The graffiti artists will paint an abandoned hotel in Vatera and will create the most multinational graffiti project ever!

The International Eresos Women Festival is the largest globally festival for homosexual women. 2013 is its 13th year of operation and it includes folk music, dancing, photography, excursions and tours, parties, workshops and seminars. It will take place in September. More information:

Among the religious feasts, the most important are the feast for the Assumption of Virgin Mary on August 15th in Agiasos, which includes celebrations with free wine and food, live music and dancing, and the feast of Saint Theodoros, which is held on the first Saturday of

It is obvious that Lesvos visitors will certainly not be bored while on the island. More information on specific events is available via the municipality of Lesvos.


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