Limnos Cycladia Tips

Useful tips for a Pleasant Stay
Limnos is a gorgeous Aegean island with more than 200 km. of coastline and many virgin beaches situated at the end of dirt roads or paths. Moreover, the island’s capital is elegant, with neoclassical mansions and the charming atmosphere of another era. Visitors should expect to walk in order to discover the island’s beauties and therefore flat/athletic shoes is a must.

Furthermore, since the nights in the Aegean are chilly, a light jacket is always useful. And of course, there is plenty of sunshine during the day and sun blocks and hats are indispensable.

Finally, Limnos’ very healthy climate, combined with its thermal spas at Therma, creates the necessary conditions for a revitalizing vacation.

Starting from Diapori, there are two fantastic paths leading to Fakos (via a narrow canal between the Moudros Bay and the Diapori Bay) and to Saint Efhimia. Nature here is amazing and visitors will see some petrified trees dating about 20 million years back. Do not miss it!

Bird watching
Limnos is the shelter of several bird species, some of which are rare and amazingly beautiful. Brown ducks that look like geese, kestrels (little falcons) and pink flamingos are among the rare species that live or pass by the island. Therefore, a visit to Hortarolimni or Asprolimni, where bird watching activities are organized regularly, is definitely worth it!

Rent a bike
Limnos is a medium-sized island, making it possible for travellers to explore it on a bike. But there are several short itineraries starting from Myrina or itineraries around Moudros that are just right for biking lovers!

Scuba diving
The unique morphology of Limnos beaches where sand, pebbles and volcanic rocks coexist, is just a hint of what lies in the sea bottom. Visitors have the opportunity to admire the fantastic colours, fish, plants and sea creatures of this part of the Aegean at Moudros.

A visit to Agios Efstratios
While at Limnos, a visit to Agios Efstratios Island is really worthwhile. The island is very picturesque, features fantastic isolated beaches approachable by boat and an amazing wetland.

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