Limnos Events

Limnos Events

Several interesting events are organized all year long on the island; winter events are usually connected with traditions or religious celebrations, while summer events combine tradition and religion with culture and arts.

Among the most special events held on the island are the horse races that take place every year on Saint George’s day (either April 23rd or the first Tuesday after Easter) in the village Kalliopi. Riders are strictly young village residents and the three faster among them are rewarded.

On December 26, every family in Limnos celebrates by eating fresh pork meat called “aposorti”; this is why this day is called Aposortes and this evening, the whole family has to be united or reunited.

On February 10, on Saint Charalambos’ day, there is a unique tradition in the village of Varos: the village women surround it with a huge thread that is created during Lent. In 1916, the village was attacked by a plague during which many village inhabitants died, until a woman dreamed of Saint Charalambos who told her that in order to save the village, all the women should create a huge thread and surround Varos with it. This is how the remaining inhabitants were saved! This event is called The Thread of Varos.

Every summer, the municipality of Limnos organizes the Limnos Cultural Summer, which is a series of events that include theatrical plays, concerts, book presentations, art exhibitions, traditional dance shows, workshops, storytelling, and athletic games.  (More information is available via the Municipality of Limnos although only in Greek but you can always send an email or even call

Last but not least, there are several religious feasts on the island throughout the year, which are accompanied by food, wine, traditional music and dancing. Among them, the most important are the feasts of:

  • Virgin Mary on August 15th in Myrina
  • Saint Marina at Livadochori on July 17th
  • Saint John on June 22nd at Kaspakas, when they light fires and burn the wreaths that were crafted on May 1st
  • Christ Saviour on August 6th at Nea Koutali
  • Prophet Elias at Kornos on July 20th


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