Milos Cycladia Tips

Getting Around the Island
The island of Milos is a volcanic island and even though it has a really good road network it is not easy to get around the island with local transportation. Some of the most beautiful beaches are secluded and difficult to reach and some others can only be reached by boat. It is advised to bring or hire your own car, preferably a 4x4 so as to get around. Since most beaches are secluded visitors should avoid flip flops and open shoes because a lot of hiking is usually involved. Also they need to arrange to carry along all necessities since most beaches are utterly unorganized. Nudism and topless sunbathing is common especially at the most private and remote beaches.

Have a boat tour to Milos secluded beaches
Milos is an island of unique natural beauty, untouched and unspoiled by tourism infrastructure boasting a coastline full of exotic, secluded, magical beaches. When visiting the island you should definitely not miss having a day or half day boat tour to the remote, sea accessible beaches of the island and enjoy the serenity and majestic natural beauty of the island. The boat tour is worth the fare since it will take you to discover the most secluded coasts and dive into the literally exotic blue waters of Milos!

The island of Love - Life in the Island
The island of Aphrodite is chosen mostly by couples for romantic vacations and honeymoons due to its natural grandeur, the beauty of seclusion and the romantic ambience that it evokes. Its nightlife is not a characteristic that will draw travelers to the island. Do not expect to find any fabulous night clubs or a vibrant night time scene. There are only a few bars near the port of Adamas and a couple alternatives in each of the islands major towns and villages. There are many restaurants and taverns all around the island as well as super markets, fascinating gift shops and traditional bakeries. Visitors can also find a Laundromat and an internet café near the port of Adamas.

Visit the island not in high season
Even though Milos is not considered to be a busy and cosmopolitan holiday destination it is a favorite choice for summer vacations, therefore those wishing to visit the island should plan ahead and reserve their accommodation and island cruises, which is a “must do”, early because on the spot booking will possibly not be available during peak season.

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