Mykonos Events

Mykonos Calendar of Festivals and Events
Especially during the summer months, Mykonos often becomes the scenery for open-air concerts, open- air theatrical performances, dance festivals, important art exhibitions, important gay events, celebrations, parties etc. There is always something to see and somewhere to be in Mykonos, so keep up with the island’s calendar!

June, July, August : Panagias

Local churches in Mykonos – as in all islands, towns and even the smallest villages in Greece- honour their patron saints on special designated dates, organising traditional “panigiria”. “Panigiria” are traditional feasts with plenty of food and local wine, traditional greek music and a lot of singing and dancing into the small hours. Most important dates for celebrations of local patron saints in Mykonos are:

  • June 30th : Agion Apostolon
  • July 26th : Agia Paraskevi Protector of the Eyes and Sight
  • August 15th : Panagia Tourliani – Patron Saint of Mykonos


August: XLsior Gay International Festival
Since 2009, the XLsior gay festival has been growing and coming up with exclusive shows, parties, original clubbing events, Dj sessions and performances by special guest stars at Mykonos' most interesting venues. Check the organizers' announcements in early summer for more details.

During the grape harvest, there are festivities organised every year by the island’s Agricultural Museum.

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