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Events and Religious Feasts in Naxos

Mostly during the summer season, the island is full of cultural and religious events and fairs. The most common festivals are the religious related ones, the celebration of each region's holy saint and protector. Traditionally the celebrations took place out in the country and the atmosphere was unique. Nowadays, the main spots for feasts are the tavernas situated on each village's main square with traditional music, food and wine.

Apart from the religious festivals, various cultural events are scheduled constantly at the island's restored Towers.

You will find below the most popular events, so be sure to update your agenda during your stay!



"Dionysia" is organized by the Municipality of Naxos and it embraces a series of cultural and artistic events, such as theatrical performances, concerts, painting and photography exhibitions and the "Wine Feast". The festival is held through time in honor of Dionysus who, according the myth, was raised in Naxos.


Drymalia Festivals

In summer time the Municipality of Drymalia also organizes a series of events, which take place at the mountain villages of Naxos. The festival includes artistic exhibitions and, mainly, revivals of old traditions and customs.


Naxos Festival

Naxos Festival has been staged during summer since 2001 at Bazaios Tower, located 12km from Hora. The festival is an opportunity for artists from various art fields to interconnect and exchange ideas and performances. The main idea was the maintenance and elevation of this historic monument along with upgrading the cultural aspect and tourism of Naxos. The festival features performances in collaboration with Greek and foreign institutions and international artists. For more information visit


Della Rocca Barozzi Tower Events

Inside Horas's Castle, in Della Rocca Barozzi Tower, the present Venetian & Popular Arts Museum, various celebrations are held each summer. Violin concerts, jazz or traditional folklore music concerts, book presentations, exhibitions and theatrical performances are amongst the usual events. The festival takes place at the Tower's specially configured Old Cellar and the side yard.


Klidonas or The Feast of Ai Giannis

On the 23rd of June, the eve of Ai Giannis celebration, Klidonas celebration overwhelms the island. Ai Giannis, or Aghios Giannis, is considered to be the one who reveals things to come, so the tradition has it for young women to wait for their future husband to be indicated through the following procedure: the "rizikaria", which are fruits or vegetables each marked by men with the initial of their name, are put into the jar with the "still water" and the next day each girl chooses randomly one of them. This way she can recognize to whom it belongs. The event is celebrated by putting fires in central spots of the village and tradition wants men to jump three times over the fires. Klidonas is celebrated with full participation of young people and visitors who come to attend this special event. The festival peaks with live traditional music and dances, food & wine till early in the morning.


Vine Harvest or “Rakitzia” (Hatzanemata)

In early autumn, Naxos is in great euphoria due to the grape harvest. In all the villages people gather to collect the grapes and wash barrels for the production of wine and Raki. They crush the grapes, put the must in the barrels to ferment, collect the remains of the crushed grapes called "tsampoura" and produce Raki by distilling them. During these days, friends and family gather around drinking and eating and the visitors have the opportunity to experience one of the most traditional and interesting procedure of the Island.


Various Religious Feasts
  • The feast of Panagia Argokoiliotissa. It takes place on Holy Friday, before Easter, at Koronos village and it is the most important holy feast of the island. The believers flock to worship the holy icon of the Holy Mother which is considered to be miraculous and handmade by Evangelist Luke himself.
  • Aghios Thalalaios feast. On the 20th of May at Thalalaios village with traditional music and eating.
  • Aghioi Apostoloi feast. On the 29th of June at Melanes village and holds for 3 days.
  • Aghios Nikodemos Agioreitis feast. Aghios Nikodemos is the protector of Naxos and he is celebrated on the 14th of July mainly at Hora. After the church service, the icon of Aghios Nikodemos is being processed throughout Hora's alleys and by nightfall a great feast takes place at Hora's port in honour of the saint with traditional music, food and fireworks.
  • Assumption of the Virgin Mary. It is the greatest holy celebration of the island and takes place on the 15th of August throughout the whole island. In some of the villages the celebration is held on the 14th & 15th August, whereas at Filoti it holds for three days in intense traditional style.


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