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Easter in Paros

Easter in Paros is indeed a very special period as the entire island is vibrating in the religious ambience of this unique celebration.

Customs are more or less the same with the rest of Greece but in Paros we meet the special traditional celebrations in Marpissa village.

On Holy Friday, the Procession of Epitafios (a simulation of Jesus’ tomb decorated with flowers by the villagers) takes place all around Marpissa and a great number of the island’s inhabitants and visitors follow the procession with lit candles. Scattered around the route of the procession in various places representations of the life and passions of Jesus Christ take place: Lazarus Resurrection, the Repentance of Magdalene, the Last Supper, the Ascendance on Golgotha Mountain, the hanging of Judas and the Crucifixion, Pieta and Burial of Jesus, and many more are represented in flesh and blood by young people who are dressed in clothes of this period.

All customs peak on Sunday of the Holy Week in Marpissa Field with the Feast of Love, in which the entire village gets together to materialize the main message of the Resurrection: love for the fellow man, accompanied by local Parian wine, delicacies, fold music and dances in a cheerful and loving ambience.


Events in Paros
Every summer, Paros Island offers a great selection of cultural events and religious festivals, with food, wine and music and people from all over the island attend the celebrations. Find below a selection of the most important open-air events taking place on the island during the summer months.

June: The Holy Trinity Church in Lefkes
The Holy Spirit feast is held on the first Monday of June. In Paros, it lasts for three whole days, in the Church of the Holy Trinity in Lefkes.

June the 26th and the 27th: The Feast of Saint John
The Feast of Saint John church in Alyki features several celebrations on the beach.

July: Fish & Wine Festival
During the first Sunday of July, the Fish and Wine festival takes place in Naoussa.

August 6: Fish Festival in Alyki
Residents and tourists enjoy fresh fish, the native alcoholic drink suma and plenty of local wine.

August 15: Panayia in Parikia
The most important religious celebration of the Greek summer takes place in Panayia Church in Parikia.

August 29: Ayios Ioannis at Lefkes
In the Monastery of Saint Ioannis Kaparos with the amazing view to the Aegean, takes place a religious event celebrating the saint.

September 4: The Feast of the Holy Cross in Agairia
In Saint Georgios, the main church of Agairia takes place the feast of the Saint, combining religious traditions with folk music and local food.


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