Paros Shops & Galleries

Shops in Paros

The historical centre of Parikia is full of street markets with small boutiques, pottery shops and souvenir stores.

There are smaller shopping areas in other parts of the island, such as in Naoussa, around the Ekatontapiliani Church, or on the road to Livadia.
Souvenir shops are scattered around the tourist hubs of Paros, offering fine pieces of folk art, ceramics and post-cards.

Studio Yria, Kostos. Tel.: +30 22840 29007. In the workshop of the artistic couple, Monique and Stelios Ghikas, the guest will find functional and affordable handcrafted pottery art.

Tantanis Shop, Naoussa, Paros. Tel.: +30 22840 51261. Situated right in the centre of Naoussa, the traditional gift shop “Tantanis” fascinates the guest with its hundreds little gifts and handmade artifacts.

Cosmetics, Prassini Fraoula (Green Strawberry), Naoussa Square, Paros. Tel.: +30 697 6519638. Cosmetics, perfumes, sun-block creams, accessories and gifts can be found in Prassini Fraoula.

Ada Kamara boutique, Marinopoulos Street, Old Town, Parikia. Tel.: +30 22840 28324. Clothes made of cotton, linen, silk, bamboo and modal. Open till the end of September.

Anthemis Crafts, Marinopoulos street, Old Town, Parikia. Tel.: +30 22840 21188. Jewellery made of semi-precious stones, gold, silver, leather, cotton and metal, as well as handmade textile accessories, bags and belts. Created by Katerina Kouvara.

Talisman, Old Town, Kastro, Parikia. Tel.: +30 22840 23168. Jewellery made of silver and gold, as well as semi-precious stones hand-picked from all over the world. Created by Hara Kouragiou. Some of the jewellery are available at The Benaki Museum and The Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens.

Dolphins Natural Clothes & Shoes, Market Street, Old Town, Parikia. Tel.: +30 22840 24233. An alternative boutique with summer clothes and accessories for men and women.

The Jewellery Workshop, Market Street, Old Town, Parikia. Tel.: +30 22840 24359. Jewellery creations by several local designers.

Yvonne von der Decken's shop Palaio Poleio, Market Street, Old Town, Parikia. Tel.: +30 22840 21909. Antique furniture and household items, collected from the islands.

Ta Tsila Pou Efere O Notias (The Wood that the South Wind Brings), Market Street, Old Town, Parikia. Tel.: +30 22840 24669. Wood paintings.

Galleries in Paros
Many talented artists from mainland Greece and all over the world have selected Paros for their inspiration, creating and exhibiting their art in the numerous galleries and showrooms of the Island.

Apothiki Contemporary Art Gallery
, Kastro, Old Town, Parikia.
Situated in the heart of Kastro, Apothiki is a multi-functional space, hosting contemporary art exhibitions and cultural events.

ArtPas Foundation, Kastro, Old Town, Parikia. Tel.: +30 22840 23474. Group and individual exhibitions, promoting mainly the artists of Paros, take place in this art gallery in Parikia.

Gallery Pondoporos, Agios Dimitrios Beach, Old Town, Naoussa. A modern art gallery which exhibits the works of Greek artists.

Metaxas Gallery, Naoussa. Tel.: +30 22840 52667. Exhibitions by local artists.

Peter Seibt, Elitas, Parikia. Tel.: +30 22840 23368. Paintings, objects, installations and other art projects by C.P.Seibt, who lives on Paros throughout the year.

Venus Art Gallery, Kolimbithres. Tel.: +30 22840 51976. Every summer, this gallery hosts the art works of several Greek artists.

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