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General Info
Patmos has a mild Mediterranean climate, enjoying about 3000 hours of sunshine per year. During the summer (starting in late May), the atmosphere is limpid and the sea temperature is ideal for swimming until October.  Like in most Aegean islands, the sea is not calm during the afternoons in August due to a local wind called “meltemi”. There are about 80 days of rain per year, mainly in the period between November and February.

The national prefix for Greece is +30 if you are calling from abroad.  All numbers in the capital Athens start with the prefix 210 and are followed by 8 digits (e.g. 210-3227400).
The Area Code for Patmos is: +30 22470. If you wish to call abroad, you have to start by dialing the other country’s national prefix (i.e. 0049 for Germany, 0044 for England etc.) and continue with the area code and the number where you wish to call.

Euro €
Euro Coins: 1 and 2 euro coins (gold and silver color), 10, 20 and 50 cents (gold color) 1, 2 and 5 cents (copper color)
1 euro = 100 cents / centimes.
Euro Bank Notes: Are available in 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500. It is not always easy to receive change for 200 and 500 Euro Notes.

Getting there

Patmos does not have an airport. The closest airport is the airport of the island of Leros, but flights are more frequent from Athens or from airports abroad towards Kos, Rhodes and Samos. Local itineraries connect Patmos to the aforementioned islands on a daily basis during the summer. For more information on flights to the airports close to Patmos, please visit:

Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos:

Olympic Airways: For accurate timetable and ticket costs visit Olympic Air website
Athens Office: +30 210 355 0500, 8018010101

Aegean Air:
For accurate timetable and ticket costs visit Aegean Air website
Tel.: 801 112 0000/+30 210 6261000

Patmos is connected by boat with Piraeus, the other islands of the Dodecanese, but also with other islands of the Aegean Sea, like Samos and Ikaria. The boat from Piraeus takes about 7 hours to reach the port of Patmos in Skala. The trips from the nearby islands of the Dodecanese last about 1-1.5 hours, while the trips from Ikaria or Samos last a little longer.

BLUE STAR FERRIES: For accurate timetable and ticket costs visit Blue Star Ferries website
Tel.: 18130 / +30 210 8919800, 210 -4274009-010
E-mail: [email protected]  

Anek Lines:
For accurate timetable and ticket costs visit Anek Lines website
Tel.: +30 210 4197470
E-mail: [email protected]

Dodecanese Seaways: For accurate timetable and ticket costs visit Dodecanese Seaways website
Tel: +30 22410 70590 (Rhodes Headquarters)
E-mail: [email protected]

Useful telephone numbers:
Piraeus Port Authority: +30 210 42 26000
Patmos Port Authority: +30 22470 31231

Local Transportation

Patmos is a small island and has a good network of local transportation. Buses depart from Skala to Hora, Groikos and Kampos, and pass through many villages / beaches in-between.

You may also use the Boat Owners Association to organize your own boat trip to little islands around Patmos, or enjoy the boat trip around the island.

For more information:

LOCAL BUSES: +30 22470 31666

+30 22470 31225

+30 22470 32664 FERRY-BOAT

There is a daily connection with Leipsous with the boat Patmos Express that departs at 10 a.m. and departs at 4 p.m. every day during the summer months.

Patmos is ideal for renting a car or a motorbike. Please note that local authorities are very strict concerning the use of helmets while riding a motorbike.

Local Services
The following banks have branches and ATMs in Patmos:

National Bank of Greece:  In Skala. Tel.: +30 22470 34040

Commercial Bank (Emporiki Bank): In Skala. Tel: +30 22470 34140, +30 22470 35000

Dodecanese Cooperative Bank:  In Skala. Tel: +30 22470 33370

MONEY EXCHANGE                 
Money can be exchanged in the bank branches listed above.                                                                               

The Greek post office is called ELTA. A wonderful building of Italian architecture, known as the “Italian building”, houses the post office of Patmos in Skala, along with other public services offices.

Post Boxes in Greece are YELLOW for normal post, usually with 2 slots for INTERNAL POST (meaning inside Greece) and post for ABROAD. RED Post Boxes are rarer and they are used for URGENT mail. You shouldn’t expect to find such boxes in the island. REGISTERED mail is always handled and given a receipt for at the POST OFFICE.

Post Office in Patmos Tel. no: +30 22470 31316

The Police Station is accommodated in the same building with the Post Office in Skala. Tel.: +30 22470 31303.

The Municipality of Patmos has a user friendly portal, which contains useful information:

The Municipal building is located in Hora.
Tel.: +30 22470 31235

Useful Numbers
  • Radio Taxi: +30 22470 31225
  • Tourist Police: 171
  • Port Authority: +30 22470 31231
  • Hellenic National Meteorological service: +30 210 9699101-3
  • Elpa (Car breakdown tourist information service): 174
INTERNATIONAL PRESS                                         
International press is hard to find on the island, so visitors should think in advance and take it with them before arriving at Patmos.

  • Police: 100
  • Fire Department: 199
  • Ambulance: 166
Patmos Health Center: +30 22470 31211, 22470 32669

There are two pharmacies in Patmos, both in Skala:

  • Kleopatra & Stylianos Karafotakis, Tel.: 22470-31650. Mob.: 6974557351
  • Christodoulos, Pelagia & Konstantinos Voutzoulidis, Tel.: 22470 31500, 22470 31083

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