Paxi Events

Summer Festivals

Every year in June the Spring Festival is organized by The Paxos Festival Trust and the Cultural Association of Paxos emphasizing on contemporary music.
In September each year the International Festival takes places with a more classical repertoire and the participation of local and foreign musicians.


Religious feasts

Usually the religious feasts, after the morning church services, are followed by traditional music, dancing, food and drink, offered at an open feast.  On the 29th of June Agios Gaios is celebrated in the presence of the Bishop and the Corfu Philharmonic. There is a ferry boat operating routes from and to Corfu especially for the day.

Free bread, olives, onions, boiled potatoes and wine are offered with the escort of an orchestra playing traditional music in the open feast of "Neroladia" held in the middle of July.

Every July a distinctive celebration called "Varkarola" is held. Small boats cross the canal between Gaios and Agios Nikolaos and the choirs placed in them sing traditional songs called "cantades" while fireworks illuminate and colour the night sky.

On the 18th of July the festival of Agios Emilianos is held on the island of Antipaxi.

Prophet Elias is celebrated in Lakka on the 20th of July.

Just like in every corner of Greece, the celebration of Panagia (Virgin Mary) is held on the 15th of August on the homonymous islet right opposite the port of Gaios with a church service and an open feast with beef broth and wine follows.


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