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Events in Pelion

Pelion is a great region with rich history and culture, many villages and traditions boasting many festivities throughout the year. Apart from the local Panigyria (folklore open air feasts), which are celebrations of the saint patrons of each village, find below a list of the best celebrations that take place in the wider area of Pelion.

  • May 1st at Trikeri join a wedding or engagement celebration with traditional folk dances and music where locals dance in traditional costumes.
  • May 1st at Alli Meria participate in the festival of flowers, an annual one-day exhibition where local florists present their collection of flowers.
  • On May at Portaria join the international dance day where you can dance with the locals and tourists from all over the world.
  • June 1st at Katichori participate in the Tsipouro Festival where guests can taste and witness the process of the production of tsipouro, a local alcoholic distilled drink while listening to traditional music.
  • End of June at Agios Lavrentions enjoy the unique Cherry Festival.
  • July at Makrinitsa participate in the celebration of the springtime, inspired by the ancient Dionysia.
  • Early July at Ano Lechonia relish local specialties at the Agioi Anargiroi feast opening the "Lechonitika" festivals consisting of concerts, music, theatrical performances and flower exhibitions.
  • End of July at Stagiates, taste some of the most mouthwatering locally produced sausages at the Sausage Festival along with live music, folk dances and songs.
  • End of July at Agira partake in a celebration dedicated to local fishermen, the Fishing Night, a night of traditional music, dances, songs and fisherman's customs.
  • In August don't miss the International Dance Festival of Portaria and the Music Village formed by the municipality of Artemida and the people of Agios Lavrentios in order to celebrate all forms of culture, music, dance, theatre, workshops and preserve the region's cultural identity.
  • Middle August in Milina enjoy the cultural events, concerts, traditional music and dances as well as the theatrical performances during Milina's Night.
  • 25th of August at Makrirachi, marvel the exhibition of flowers in the village's central square organized by the women florists of the region.
  • End of August at Milies enjoy the Pear Festival with folk music and dances.
  • End of August at Portaria watch the revival of a traditional Pelion wedding with its customs, music, songs and dances.
  • Summer Time in Afissos, don't miss the Argonaftika in honour of Jason and his Argonauts, a festivity with concerts and theatrical performances.
  • Early September at Zagora don't miss the Apple Festival and try some mouthwatering traditional specialties while listening to folk music.
  • End of October at Xourichti participate in the Chestnut Festival with the tasty local chestnuts, the traditional wine and music where local producers exhibit their goods.
  • The annual International Pelion Festival takes place during July and August and is a cultural celebration of the region with music, lectures, workshops, theatrical performances, concerts and seminars and many activities for younger children to partake in.


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